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Some of you have been our fans since 1968, but a lot of you have joined us along the way these past 40-plus years.
Dark Days at Pocono – Due to many construction mistakes, the CART-USAC fight and a lot of inexperience, we suffered severe financial problems. The Resurrection of Pocono Raceway – As stated at the outset, we made a lot of mistakes in building Pocono Raceway, and the only way we could achieve what we wanted was to tear down everything and rebuild it from the ground up.
We would just like to take this opportunity to inform you of where we have been and to thank you for making it possible for us to survive all these past difficult years. We started with a blank piece of paper and drew and designed what we felt, after 25 years of mistakes and trial and errors, were what the participants and the fans would like.
We were on the verge of selling the track when we received a telephone call from Bill France Sr., who asked us to meet with him in New York.
Pocono is within 200 miles of 60 million people, and when you consider that the average NASCAR Sprint Cup fan travels 300 miles, we are in the highest population density of any other Sprint Cup track.

At the meeting he tried to convince us not to sell the track; to stick it out and stay the course. Our unusual triangular configuration is conducive to many lead changes especially with the longest straightaway and the widest main straight with the longest and widest Pit Road. New crash walls, completely new paving, removed all the old garages and ? mile track, completely re-graded and cut and filled the old Garage Area.
We built a 150-site motor home park for the participants, 124 of which have water, sewer and electricity, the only Sprint Cup track to have all this except for Talladega.
He and his wife, Annie B., came to the race the next two years to show their support for Pocono Raceway.
Built the biggest and most fan-friendly Paddock Area, so that fans are only 56 feet away from the cars. Shortly thereafter he and his son, Bill Jr., gave us our second NASCAR race and as they say, the rest is history.

Removed all of the old 375 toilets and replaced them all with Long John, the biggest toilet facility in the world, with 1000 stalls, so that we would be assured we would have no lines. Built the largest and most beautiful Midway with fourteen 40′ Blue Spruce, 200 picnic tables and gazebos all over.
We have no illusion of becoming the biggest, the richest or the most famous racetrack in the world. All we want to be is the Prettiest, Friendliest, and Cleanest, and to have fun along the way with all of our loyal fans these past 32 years.

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