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Ford Motor Company, begun by Henry Ford in 1906 in Dearborn, Michigan is most known for its cars and trucks. The Transit Connect has rear seats and side windows but can easily be converted into a panel van with open cargo space.
The newer generation model was redesigned in 2013; it comes with both rear double doors and a rear lift gate, making the van popular with people in wheel chairs. Second generation vans come with a standard 6-speed PowerShift semi-automatic twin clutch engine. The dashboard display of the Transit Connect is standard and there is an available multi-function display for fuel economy, driver-assist settings, and towing information. Both the five-passenger and seven-passenger models provide comfortable seating, with ample head and leg room.
Thanks to Ford’s reputation for reliability and quality, the van is readily available in all markets for a good price.

The Transit Connect comes with a standard anti-theft alarm that is sounded if someone tries to break into or steal the van. The van comes with forward and rear sensing systems, roll stability control, and front passenger airbags. The van comes with standard dual sliding doors and an option for either dual rear doors or a lift gate.
There is an available option called Crew Chief which enables you to monitor driving habits, fuel efficiency, and vehicle maintenance. The van is sleek-looking and compact for both personal and business use and is popular among wheel chair users for its optional rear lift gate.
Older Transit Connect models come with a 4-speed 4F27E automatic transmission or a 5-speed manual.
The short wheel base can seat up to five people and has a total cargo capacity of 122.6 cubic feet.

The Titanium model comes with a standard heated six-way power seat for the driver and a dual zone front temperature control.
With a low cost and features that can help you save on fuel and maintenance costs, the compact van is worth the price. The Transit Connect was awarded Van of the Year 2004 by Professional Van and Light Truck Magazine, and after its arrival in North America, it was awarded North American Truck of the Year 2010 at the North American International Auto Show. The long wheel base can seat up to seven passengers and has a total cargo capacity of 168.5 cubic feet.

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