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Rio’s Summer Olympics welcomes Ibtihaj Muhammad to change history while wearing a hijab. While pursuing her dreams of being a known figure in the entertainment industry, she's bringing you all the latest about the people you love. With all the different styles of arrows, they can be used to signify almost anything or can be interpreted into many different ideas. Originally, arrow tattoos were used by Native Americans as a means to keep a record of their history but the ideas would differ depending on the tribe. The New Jersey native originally took interest in the sport at 13 years-old so she could remain fully covered as part of her faith and respect to her family, while being physically active. Family Arrow TattoosViaThis family arrow tattoo is more than likely showcasing children but you could use it for any family members.
Quote Arrow TattooViaThis arrow tattoo is a little bit different because the arrow actually has a heart in the middle. Arrow Tattoo With Quote In MiddleViaIf you still want the look of an arrow but want a quote, try putting the quote inside the arrow.
Warrior Arrow TattooViaIf you like the look of the previous tattoo but want something a little bit more detailed, this one might be for you.

Getting an arrow armband would also be a great way to add some color to your tattoo as well.6.
Multiple Arrow TattooViaUsually, arrows never come in a single package so adding a multiple arrow tattoo design is perfect. The arrows are also all at different lengths which could symbolize something to start of something new or being hesitant to start something new.7. Arrow Infinity Design – A cute small tattooViaArrows and infinity signs are two great symbols and when combined together, can symbolize something completely different. Making it into a heart is unique and without an actual end to the tattoo, the possibilities are wide open. Charm Bracelet Arrow Tattoo for girlsViaArrow tattoos work great as a base for incorporating other tattoos.
This cute small tattoo uses the arrow as a bracelet and the other symbols act as the charms. Bow and Arrow Tattoo on the backViaArrows are typically associated with bows so why not tattoo the bow on there as well?

Adding the bow is so underrated and unique because most people just think of getting an arrow.11.
Colorful Arrow Tattoo – Inner Upper ArmViaMost people who get arrow tattoos prefer something simple in black ink. Watercolor Arrow TattooViaWatercolor tattoos are becoming extremely popular and combining it with arrows is a great equation.
This tattoo looks extremely colorful even though the arrow itself is black but the background of the different water colors really makes it stand out.13.
Try substituting a feather in for the back of the arrow and it will give you a chance to customize your tattoo even more and add some color if you desire.14. No matter what happens in life, they are my reason to always propel myself forward and look to the future.

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