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Hyundai Motor Company was founded in 1967, which makes it one of the youngest automobile companies on global market. Like many Asian manufacturers, the company used a simple Hyundai nameplate on its cars at the beginning and the image of the manufacturer remained neutral for many years. Hyundai is a young manufacturer by the automotive industry standards, but its logo has already become recognizable all over the world as the Korean car company managed to emerge as one of the leaders on the global market. Hyundai logo is basically a stylized image of the H letter, designed in a very fluid and suave way and embedded into an oval shape.
Hyundai logo was initially confused with Honda emblem, however, as the Korean company emerged as a major automotive power, people got used to its emblem.
However, despite that, in less than 50 years the company, headquartered in Seoul, Korea, managed to reach the level of established Japanese, European and American car manufacturers and broke into the leading makes by sales numbers.

Later on they hired a bunch of British engineers and designers and developed their own model Pony, largely based on Mitsubishi Motors powertrains.
However, as the company’ business expanded, it became clear that an appropriate logo was required for the customers to associate the vehicles with the brand. According to Hyundai, the emblem symbolizes trust or handshake between the company and its clients, as the energy flows between the side bars of the logo. Basically, the H letter, forming the Hyundai logo, is tilted to the right and gives fluid and smooth impression, designed to give a friendly and attractive image of the brand.
While the 3D emblem itself is designed in several shades of silver color, blue is widely used in corporate design elements and advertisements. Today the company produces all sorts of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, commercial transport as well as hybrid-powered vehicles.

Hyundai officials said it was also representing two human figures, one of the customer and the other one of the company, united in a handshake. Hyundai Motor Company also owns a fellow Korean manufacturer Kia Motors and the luxury division Genesis Motors. Overall, Hyundai fluid logo creates a friendly image, which has already become well recognizable all over the world.

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