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For over 65 years, Australia’s car market was dominated by two domestically made brands, Holden and Ford Australia. For many years, the Holdens and Fords were so dominant in the Australian market that they made their way into the national culture. Earlier this year, for the first time in its history, Holden was not included in the top three selling brands in Australia.
With major car manufacturers opening factories in countries like Thailand, it is becoming less and less profitable to produce cars locally.
As much as Ford and Holden have become a part of the Australian culture, the pragmatics of the business will have to take over sooner or later. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. The report comes as Holden contemplates building V6 Commodores in China after delivering a car industry bombshell on Wednesday by confirming Australian manufacturing would end in 2017 following a directive from GM Holden's American headquarters and a failed gamble with the Federal Government. News Corp Australia can reveal the death sentence to the Australian-made legend has resulted in V8 Supercars secretly plotting a name change and category shake-up with the "V8'' Holden facing extinction. The sport will move away from the long-serving V8 power plant amid the biggest shake-up in Australian car manufacturing history and avoid becoming another NASCAR, which use uniform bodyshells that are nothing like a road car. GM Holden is understood to be considering several options, including building a new platform Commodore in China, but The Daily Telegraph understands there will not be a V8 Holden on the showroom floor for the first time since the Kingswood was born in 1968. The Australian icon may also decide to follow Ford in an American muscle showdown and axe the Commodore for a Camaro to war with the Mustang, which will be a Falcon substitute for rev heads. News Corp Australia last week revealed international racing giant Roger Penske had sent his first lieutenant to Australia with global Ford heavyweight Jamie Allison in a move that could see the Mustang and V8 Supercars spearhead a Ford led industry shake-up. While Holden refused to reveal their master plan after a failed bid to snare public cash, News Corp Australia can confirm Holden have indicated they will remain in V8 Supercars beyond 2017 sport likely to become the brand's most important marketing platform. Whether it is a foreign made V6 Commodore, a mid-sized substitute, or an American legend, the company will need the help of V8 Supercars to sell the non-Australian substitute to their legion of Aussie fans. V8 boss James Warburton, the former TV boss, was confident Holden would continue its famous Australian motor racing legacy, even though it will be a new look war against bitter enemy Ford. With Nissan already entering the V8 Supercar series with a V6 road car, the sports move away from the V8 engine would allow further manufacturer to join the series and see a major shake-up in the sports rule.
The offshore shift will leave up to 3000 Holden workers without a job by 2017 with the announcing causing uproar when Victorian Premier Denis Napthine made the announcement in State Parliament. Acting Prime Minister Warren Truss said Holden boss Mr Deveraux told him around 1.50pm the decision had been "made in Detroit" that the company would be "closing a significant part of their operation" in Australia and New Zealand by the end of 2017. Devereux has been appointed to a role in China, where many are predicting he will be part of an all new Chinese built V6 Commodore.

Its production plants are in Europe, Brazil, Russia, Australia, Africa, Argentina and China, and it has approximately 5,000 sales and assistance points in over 160 countries.
Australia was very active in car development from the early years of the industry, sometimes even ahead of overseas competition. Owning either one was not just a practical decision – it was a thing of pride and competition, passed down from father to son. As smaller, lower-cost, more fuel-efficient imported cars flood the market, large Australian-made cars are becoming significantly less popular. In May 2013, Ford announced that it will be pulling out its manufacturing out of Australia by 2016, and seizing production of its famous Falcon series, as well as Falcon Ute and Territory. In May, Holden seemed to be keeping on despite its falling sales, and stated that it is planning to be making cars in Australia into 2022.
As more lower-cost imported models flood the market and large Australian-made cars go out of favour with the general public, justifying local production will become less and less reasonable.
From a marketing and sales perspective there is no greater platform than V8 Supercars and the audiences we bring to any manufacturer, regardless of where the cars are built.
It is a subsidiary of the Fiat Group, and produces around 200,000 commercial vehicles and 460,000 diesel engines annually, and for the year ended 2007 the company had Euro 11,196 million in sales (revenues). The worldwide output of the company amounts to around 150,000 commercial vehicles with a turnover of about €10 billion. The name is an acronym for Industrial Vehicle Corporation, an alliance among European commercial vehicle manufacturers such as Fiat (including Officine Meccaniche (OM) and Lancia), Unic and Magirus. Historically, manufacturing cars domestically made a lot of sense because of Australia’s isolation.
A few months later, Holden unveiled its brand new VF Calais, with a price tag of only , to stay competitive in this tough market.
After having incurred a total of $600 million loss after taxes over the last five years, it has become clear that manufacturing cars in Australia is no longer profitable for this giant. As many empires eventually tumble, the long reign of Commodores and Falcons is coming to an end. Over the years, a few Australian made cars have made it to our shores, but not on a large scale. This is despite the $1.1 billion of state and federal funding Ford has received over the last 12 years. As they make way for Corollas and Mazda 6’s, these old favourites will likely still retain a small following.
GM has been selling Australian made cars in America for a few years now; the Pontiac GTO of 2004-6 and the G8 of 2008-9, and now the Chevy SS that will be sold at least for another couple of years until GM shuts down its Holden plant.

In several decades, the out of production Falcons may start appreciating again as they move into the “classic” car category, and may become highly sought after by collectors and museums.
In fact, Australian car manufacturing will cease altogether by 2017, it seems, which is a shame. On the contrary, Ford is expecting to increase the availability of new cars by 30% by 2016, with imported models like Focus, Ranger, and Kuga. Codemastersa€™ TOCA Race Driver series has always been about two things: solid, simulation- based driving, and an insane amount of racing variety. Somewhat isolated in their own continent, Australians have developed their own unique culture and lifestyle. Unlike most other racers out there, TOCA skips the usual methodology of sticking to one main type of racing and overloading the package with a ton of licensed cars. We’ve seen a few cars like this in America, for example, the Studebaker Coupe Express.
You can’t help wondering who went to the trouble of bringing this car here from Australia, and then gave up on its restoration. It is said to have a mostly complete original dash, the wood bed and tailgate and most of the coupe parts are there. 1936 Fords are great looking cars and this one is no exception, once restored at least, it will be one of the rarer versions in any car show on these shores. There were also some differences in the late 30’s Australian built pick ups,-roof lines, etc. Race Drive: GRID is a highly realistic racing game with an interesting multiplayer option that's.
Race Driver GRID RELOADED A» games pc iso 2 7 years 6582 MB 1 1 Race Driver GRID RELOADED A» games windows. Immerse yourself in the thrilling and intense world of a professional race driver with Grid. All the 3 and 5 window coupes were full steel, except of course for the wooden internal body and door frames and some floors, etc.

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