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Who was William the Worm and how did Tesco Supermarkets manage to avert a marketing meltdown? Should US participants in the Olympics be required to know the lyrics to the US National Anthem and put their right hands over their hearts during the anthem? Should Thomas Gibson from Criminal Minds have been suspended and banned from the set for his outburst or should artists be given more leeway?
Further, while many children die directly after Halloween from non-candy related things (after all, people die every day), if there isn’t an apparent cause the week following Halloween, many-a-sensationalized story gets widely publicized with poisoned Halloween candy generally being blamed. When it turns out the death had nothing to do with Halloween candy, most media outlets tend to have moved on from Halloween stories, so either don’t report a retraction or don’t make it the headline like when they claimed the death was from candy.  Thus, the perception that poisoned Halloween candy is a rampant problem embeds itself in the popular psyche, going all the way back to at least 1970 when the New York Times reported “Halloween goodies that children collect this weekend… may bring them more horror than happiness,” which proceeded to tell parents all about how the candy could potentially be tampered with, even though there had never been an instance of this actually happening at the time. So what about more recently?  According to the author of Halloween Sadism: The Evidence,  professor of sociology Joel Best from the University of Delaware who’s been studying this since 1985, he hasn’t yet been able to find one single instance of a child dying as a result of candy given them by a stranger on Halloween.
If you were paying close attention, you perhaps notice we said “dying as a result of candy given them by a stranger”.  It has happened once before that someone poisoned candy and gave it out to children with one child dying. In 1974, eight-year-old Timothy O’Bryan of Texas died after eating a Pixy Stix laced with cyanide after trick-or-treating. Except, it wasn’t candy a stranger gave him.  O’Bryan’s dad, Ronald, was trying to kill his kids, so put the cyanide laced candy in their bags.
The senior O’Bryan was about $100K in debt and close to having his car repoed.  His solution?  Suddenly take out about $60,000 worth of life insurance policies on his two children, then given them both the poison candy to try to collect on the policies. Needless to say, the police had him as prime suspect number one as soon as they learned these details.
Now, this wasn’t quite the end of it.  In order to divert suspicion from himself, O’Bryan had also slipped the poisoned candy in a few other children’s Halloween bags without them knowing. Like his daughter, the other children also didn’t eat their Pixy Stix.  Upon investigation, none of the kids could remember any place they went giving out Pixie Stix, but did have contact with O’Bryan, so the evidence further pointed to him being the poisoner. Needless to say, being a resident of Texas, where the state policy for any extreme crime is essentially, “Kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out”, despite the fact that all the evidence against him was circumstantial- though very compelling- O’Bryan was executed a decade later via lethal injection: the poisoner was poisoned. Before that, in 1970, there was a case of a family that tampered with candy after a child died, to cover for a family member. As far as other illegal substances go, in 2000, kids in a San Francisco neighborhood got a trick mixed in with their treats when they found Snickers candy bar wrappers stuffed with marijuana. But was this intentional?  Police traced the pot to a homeowner who was confounded by the accusations. So as far as the actual non-hoax instances of poisoned candy given out on Halloween, that mostly sums it up.
In nearly all of these cases, the sharp objects were found to have been placed in the food item by a relative or friend, usually as a prank.  From the poisoning and this, it would appear kids should be fearing what their families and friends are doing to their candy more than strangers on Halloween. In fact, despite the fact that this has been reported as a widespread problem since the late 1960s, the first known confirmed case of a person intentionally giving out candy with sharp objects embedded to random children didn’t happen until the year 2000. 49 year old James Joseph Smith did stick needles into Snickers candy bars as a prank and give them out to kids. In another non-family related poking- in 2008, candy from a Florida dollar store was found to have metal shavings and metal blades embedded in it. So while the instances of both the poisoning and embedded needles are not zero, they are virtually zero when you consider the many millions of kids that have trick or treated since the early 20th century.  And if you want to include guising and souling, we can go back several hundred more years without a confirmed case of poisoning or stranger-related embedding of sharp objects in the given food item.
While your children’s Halloween candy probably doesn’t contain poison, the apples you likely have in your kitchen do.  You see, apple seeds contain cyanide. The first known instance of someone giving out inedible and possibly dangerous items to trick or treaters happened in 1964.

In September and October of 1982, seven Chicago residents died after taking randomly poisoned Tylenol, which helped fuel people’s fear about Halloween candy poisoning that year, particularly as the poisoner was never found.
The “Halloween candy is dangerous” media blitz  was so effective that by 1985, according to a poll done by the Washington Post, 60% of parents stated they were afraid their children would be killed or injured due to someone giving away poisoned or otherwise tampered with candy.
Pingback: Today I Found Out: Has Anyone Ever Actually Poisoned Or Put Razor Blades or Needles in Halloween Candy? Pingback: Has Anyone Ever Actually Poisoned Or Put Razor Blades or Needles in Halloween Candy? Hey I was watching the archies halloween and what happened to my sister was born around 9 years earlier than I was and I was born in 1995 and she stopped tricker treating earlier bc she was one of those genius children anyway she found a razor blade in her candy and this was before I was born soooo….
From that year on, my mom went through ALL of our candy herself before we were allowed to touch it. You tell him his story is dubious because he is not using proper English… on the internet. Back in 1971 I was 6 years old and I was one of 3 in our neighborhood in Diamond Bar, Ca who was poisoned it was a bite size snicker bar that was laced with liquid LSD My Parents walked in due to my screaming and saw blood all over my body I was scratching myself raw was blown up like a balloon they called the ambulance wrapped my arms together with an ace bandage so I wouldn’t gouge my eyes out apparently I was seeing spiders all over me.. There were more than a few razor blades (taken out of disposable razors) found in candies reported in The Hamilton Spectator (Canada) for October 2015.
Find Us On YouTube!Subscribe today to check out our free Daily Knowledge Youtube video series! UPDATE: Since the last update, the car has been repainted in a custom 2 tone Ford Tungsten Grey and Audi Phantom Black Pearl with a red pin stripe. ORIGINAL RESTORATION: We started with a 1969 Mustang Fastback that had been sitting dormant since 1994.
We replaced the entire floorpans, fuel system, brakes, new aluminum radiator, LED tail lights, and wrapped it up with 18×9 Shelby Razor wheels. My parents split up when I was 16 and since my mom worked swing shifts, my dad gave me this car so I could drive myself to school and work. Then on January 16th, 2002, my father was in a head-on motorcycle accident, and unfortunately, passed away the next day.
Over the next 5 or 6 years I wanted to fix the car up, but I never really had the kind of money I knew it was gonna take to do it right, or who I would even get to do the work. Between the time we started this project and the completion, my wife, Rebecca, and I had our first child.
With over 20 years of experience in car repair and restoration, we're here to help you turn your classic car into your dream car. Hi gareth, I dont know if you read these messages or not, but i just want to tell you that, here in india we all love you. To begin with the framework was pre-assembled in a factory and in total over 300 workers joined 18,000 pieces of puddle iron to produce parts of the frame.When the parts were ready they were transported to the Champ de Mars where welders secured each segment in place.
Clearly trick or treating is unsafe now, right?  I mean, he trick or treated, then died from candy someone gave him. The 5-year-old in question was a Detroit boy who ate a large amount of heroin his uncle had hidden. Needless to say, depending on their age, I’m guessing some of the kids weren’t upset about this.
It turns out the man worked in the “dead letter office” at a local postal facility, and when he found a bag of Snickers in a lost package, he brought them home to give out as treats.
There are verified reports of sharp objects being placed in random trick-or-treaters’ candy, although these incidents are exceptionally rare (under 100, even including the hoaxes and pranks).

While several children bit into the candy, the only injury was to a teenager who was pricked by one of the needles, but did not require any medical attention. An investigation revealed that the candy (Pokemon Valentine’s Day lollipops) was manufactured in China and the foreign objects believed to have gotten into the candy at the factory accidentally. A Long Island woman, Helen Pfeil, gave out steel wool, dog biscuits and ant traps to children she believed were too old to be trick-or-treating.
Of course, being a kid, you take good stock of your night’s earnings and we discovered that there were a few candies that had obviously been unwrapped and re-wrapped. Dad dug it out of the apple and the worse part we was only allowed to go to the peoples house we knew, My brother could not remember which house it was though.
I died on the way to the hospital brought back to life and remained in hospital for a month going through the after effects of the LSD.. Baer 4 piston caliper brakes and global west progressive rate coil springs up front with kyb shocks and we have a new Heidt’s 4 link rear with coilover shocks going into it very soon.
Future plans include a 4 wheel Wilwood disc brakes, 4 link rear, subframe connectors, strut tower brace, front coilcovers, and of course a new custom paint job. It was pretty much a stock rebuild except the previous owner had installed Mach 1 interior. We started talking about how much money it was gonna take to fix it up, versus how much we could get for it and just buy another one already fixed up, but we never quite could bring ourselves to do it.
While getting to know Joe, i could tell he had a passion for old Detroit iron as much as I did. Dean Michael Scott Weldon may have never gotten to meet his grandfather, but one day he will have the car my dad bought for me, and a part of him will live on. He hadn’t realized that someone had gone to a lot of trouble to put pot in the packages and reseal them in an attempt at smuggling pot through the mail. Smith was charged with “adulterating a substance with intent to cause death, harm or illness”.
Nobody was injured and Pfeil had specifically told the kids not to eat the items and labeled them all with “poison”.  Nevertheless, she was prosecuted and pleaded guilty to endangering children. Every year after that, the hospital did free xrays of kids Trick or Treat bags With the new drug tablets, all we can do is examine the candy, and, remove any unfamiliar looking candy.
After a brainstorm session with a pad of paper at our local favorite wing restaurant we had a game plan.
Then one day in the school parking lot, I backed it into another car and tore up the tail panel, trunk lid, wing and rear pass quarter panel. We started talking about the possibility of Joe and his company, Classic Pontiac Rescue, restoring the ‘stang. We just want you to play your normal game without any tension and you will become the greatest footballer of all time. If you are from the US, sceptical is technically not incorrect but we don’t spell it that way here. It was only saved because of its antenna, which was used for the city’s communications.

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