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Despite the fact that the cars with self-impelled motors started in 1769, the genuine auto history starts in 1885.
The car business has made the pioneer steps in Germany, then in France, United Kingdom, U.s.
Japan is encountering an exceptional improvement of the auto business after the oil emergency in 1973, with a creation of great little car brands with extraordinary mileage. In the not so distant future, four monster car brand names should endure tremendous misfortunes: PSA Peugeot Citroen, Fiat, Ford and General Motors. In spite of the misfortunes of those four cars brands, the auto business is again on track and is relied upon to have the best year since 2006, with offers of around 16 million vehicles of distinctive car brands. Each car brand has a name and an exceptional logo for brisk and simple distinguishment everywhere throughout the world. This implies that every car logos has some history behind it and perhaps some related intriguing tale about its creation. Il marchio e la risorsa piu importante di un’azienda ed e anche uno strumento per la leadership sul mercato. Aston Martin e un’azienda britannica di automobili sportive di lusso fondata da Lionel Martin e Robert Bamford nel 1913. La societa e stata costituita da Walter Percy Chrysler, il 6 giugno 1925, con le restanti attivita della Maxwell Motor Company. Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (FIAT) e stata fondata a Torino nel 1899 da un gruppo di investitori tra cui Giovanni Agnelli che piu tardi divenne l’Amministratore Delegato della societa. La compagnia prende il nome da un Dio chiamato West Asian Ahura Mazda, il dio della saggezza, intelligenza e armonia. La famiglia Iwasaki, che invento il marchio Mitsubishi, visse nel Giappone feudale nel 1854 e ha dovuto attraversare periodi estremamente difficili.
La Peugeot e una grande marca automobilistica francese ed e stata avviata da due fratelli, Jean-Pierre e Jean-Frederic Peugeot nel 1812. Louis Renault, il fondatore della Renault, ha prodotto la sua prima vettura nel cortile di casa quando aveva appena 21 anni. Charles Stewart Rolls e Henry Royce hanno fondato la Rolls Royce Limited in Gran Bretagna nel 1906. La societa automobilistica Saab ha iniziato la sua attivita producendo aeromobili nel 1937, per soddisfare le esigenze militari svedesi, prendendo il nome di Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget (o semplicemente SAAB).
Buick has a special place in US automotive industry, being the oldest active American car brand and the founding member of General Motors Company. The first Buick logo was a simple ‘Buick’ wording across the radiator grill in honor of the company’s founder, David Dunback Buick. It was not until mid 1930’s that Buick cars first came out with the logo based on the ancient Buick family coat of arms. Mid 1970’s was a difficult time for most car manufacturers and Buick was also looking for new ways to save their market share. Buick has tried many emblems throughout the history, but most of them have been based on the coat of arms of the Buick (Buik) family, coming from Scotland. The current Buick logo, introduced in 2002, is all silver, highlighting the elegance of the brand. If the Presidents of the United States Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge are each owners of a Lincoln L (respectively in 1921 and 1924), it was not until 1939 that Lincoln became the official supplier to the White House to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
On the drawing less ostentatious than rival models from Cadillac, Lincoln models experiencing a minor release. Today, Lincoln offers a range of 3 sedans and SUVs 3 derived luxuriously treated American Ford models. Click here for more information on the Lincoln automobile History, Design and Meaning of Car Logos The logos are registered trademarks. In the Phantom, thanks to new safety laws, Rolls had to make sure the emblem was capable of hiding itself. The Big B Bentley emblem may not be as pompous or extravagant as Rolls-Royce’s, but it still manages to look bloody cool.
The Flying Spur was a four-door version of the GT Continental and wears the flying B with pride. It just goes to show that you can have a socially cool emblem without being a supercar manufacturer.
It’s one of the most passionately evocative logos in the business and it perfect describes what Lamborghini is all about! With the hundreds of vehicle manufacturing logos around the world, which do you find most appealing? Appalling? Some great logos, but the killer question is are they great inherently or is it because of the product they invoke?
Because of the product, however there must be some beautiful, exciting cars with ugly, dull emblems….
The Alfa Romeo logo represents the coat of arms from the city of Milan and are related to the crusades, hence the cross. The four rings in the Audi logo represent the four companies of the Auto-Union consortium of 1932.
The BMW logo is a representation of a spinning propeller blade as the company originally manufactured Airplanes. The Cadillac logo is based on the family crest of the man for whom the company was named, Antoine de La Mothe, Sieyr de Cadillac. Popular legend has it that the Chevrolet logo was inspired by wallpaper in a French hotel where William C. The Chrysler logo has undergone quite a few changes over the years; the one shown here is an adaptation of the original medallion logo used on Chrysler cars at its inception in 1925. The Dodge Ram logo first appeared as a hood ornament in the 1930s, the ram was chosen for its ruggedness something Dodge’s have always tried to portray.
The prancing horse featured on the Ferrari logo was the emblem of Italian WWII flying ace Fancesco Baracca, whose parents persuaded Enzo Ferrari to use the symbol of their late son for his Alfa Romeo race cars. Henry Ford’s right-hand-man, Harold Wills, printed business cars to earn money as a teen, and when Mr.
Originally the Swallow Sidecar Company, Jaguar gained its new name in 1945, though why this particular animal was chosen is uncertain. The three pointed star of Mercedes’ logo represents their domination of land, sea, and air. This article should come in handy for the next time you're stuck in traffic: have you ever wondered why the Audi in front of you has a logo of four interlocked rings? I was surprised to see how little the BMW logo has changed over time but then this has always kept there logo recognisable and they started out with a pretty solid design. We have tried to cover all the car brands and logos of top brands such as Honda, BMW, Toyota, German cars, Korean Cars, French cars, British cars, European cars, and many more.
The car history is isolated into age gatherings, in light of the huge outline changes and the innovation in the most recent century. As per the gauge of the global organization Moody's, the misfortunes will most likely be around 5 billion Euros. Of all car brands, Toyota was best and sold around 8 million vehicles in 2013, which secured the Japanese car brand to take the pioneer position among the complete car brand list. Be that as it may, there are some car marks that in push to change the course of their prospects, totally change their car images. Un marchio definisce la vostra attivita, i prodotti e i servizi offerti: si tratta di una garanzia di qualita! La societa e stata inizialmente fondata come Societa Anonima Italiana Darracq (SAID) nel 1906 dalla societa automobilistica francese di Alexandre Darracq con alcuni investitori italiani. Inizialmente i due hanno iniziato a vendere automobili sportive fatte da Singer, ma poi cominciarono a produrle in proprio. Il fondatore del marchio, Andre Citroen, era affascinato dagli ingranaggi in legno con denti a spirale prodotti da un inventore polacco partner commerciale di Andre Citroen. Per celebrare questo evento fu creato un manifesto e il nome della societa in alto a sinistra del poster divenne il primo logo della societa.
Quando Yataro Iwasaki era a scuola un giorno fu chiamato a casa, perche suo padre e stato ferito durante un litigio con il capo del villaggio. Nel 1895,lla sua morte, l’impresa fu rilevata dai figli che iniziarono a produrre automobili e lanciarono la prima auto tre anni piu tardi.
La societa e stata una acciaieria per decenni, producendo prodotti diversi come macchine utensili, abiti in crinolina, ombrelli, ruote a raggi, ferri da stiro, macchine da cucire, accessori da cucina. Quando comincio a ricevere ordinativi da molte imprese, comincio a costruire piu automobili costituendo con i suoi fratelli e amici in Francia nel 1898 la Societe Renault Freres.
Dopo la seconda guerra mondiale, la societa SAAB inizio a diversificare la sua attivita producendo automobili. Continuando a utilizzare questo sito senza modificare le impostazioni dei cookie o clicchi su "Accetta" permetti al loro utilizzo.
Naturally, the brand’s emblem has changed a number of times since 1903 to conform to car fashion, contemporary design and marketing needs.
As time went by, the company was looking for alternative logos and different variations of the ‘Buick’ word were used. The company’s executives were looking for a more sophisticated emblem that would reflect the brand’s upmarket positioning just below Cadillac, according to GM hierarchy. In 1960 the three shields appeared on the logo for the first time to represent the company’s lineup of three models – LeSabre, Invicta and Electra. The elongate shields are placed in a row, rising from left bottom side to upper right side. Companies have been placing their signature house designs on their model line-ups for decades and these icons yield them brand recognition and publicity.
Since Rolls-Royce gave us the Phantom nearly a decade ago, the world has looked upon the double-R in a different light.
Even if Rolls-Royce just sold you the half-naked woman, you’d probably be happy (wouldn’t you?). The good old Italian horse has always been there on pretty much every Ferrari since Enzo founded the company and it continues to sit proudly on the company’s road and F1 cars.
Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa are doing their best to get Ferrari back to it’s winning ways in the pinnacle of motorsport, but thanks to a racing history so prestigious few can compete and with this emblem, Ferrari will always remain close to a lot of petrolhead’s hearts. It’s always been seen as an executive and highly prestigious car manufacturer, but Rolls-Royce just seemed the way to go.

The B with the flying wings attached to the rear just looks amazingly post-modern, and it basically sums up Bentley’s model line-up. It’s an emblem that has withstood the test of time and will always be recognised as Bentley’s signature.
Robbing a VW emblem from one of their camper vans was the coolest thing to do back in the late ‘80s.
VW provides cheap, reliable and well-made cars to the people, but still manages to appeal to the younger generations when they wanted to bling up their neck. The car company famous for making up-start supercars designed for the super-rich and super-insane has a logo so visually powerful that you know they mean business. Durant was staying although some suggest his wife actually found the emblem in a newspaper.
This logo was brought back to use in 1994, and the pair of silver wings were added after the company merged with Daimler-Benz in 1998.
It features two flags, one a checkered flag and the other one featuring to icons, a Chevrolet bowtie logo and a fleur-de-lis. Ford needed a logo, Wills pulled out his old printing set and used a font that he had used for his own cards. It’s thought the leaping jaguar is meant to represent the speed, power, and quickness of the cars and not the ability to eat you running at 100 mph. First used on a Daimler in 1909, a laurel wreath was added in 1926 to signify the union with Benz, and was later simplified to the current logo design in 1937. The city was built on the site of a stud farm, which explains the horse in the coat of arms; the antlers and red and black stripes are part of the arms of the Kingdom of Wurttemberg. Did you know that the Cadillac emblem was inspired by a family crest of a nobleman who later turned out to be a fraud? Despite the fact that exact limits can not be assessed, the autos sequentially are separated into veterans, metal, obsolescent, excellent, prewar, post-war and cutting edge cars. As this industry extension permits a presence of numerous different businesses with which unavoidably collaborates is primarily normal for specialized and modern created nations. Of America with its best car brands, to turn into the greatest car maker on the planet and hold it until 2008, when China took the title of a pioneer.
This will be the second back to back year that car brands names complete with misfortune, and as per the world mediums, the utilization of the European car advertise not long from now will be the least in the most recent two decades. Additionally, car logos give a great visual picture to their clients and they assume an essential part in the ad of the car brands.
Dopo la fallita partnership uno degli investitori, il Cavalier Ugo Stella, trasferi la societa e le diede il nome Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili o ALFA. La loro prima auto fu chiamata Aston Martin, dal nome di uno dei fondatori e dalla Aston Clinton Hill Climb Racing Course, la prima corsa che vinse l’auto fatta da Singer. Egli decise all’inizio di produrre acciaio, acquisto la licenza e apri una fabbrica a St. Nel 1901 la societa cambio il suo logo con una lastra di ottone con il nome FIAT al centro.
Chiese a un magistrato locale di sentire la versione di suo padre e, quando il magistrato rifiuto, accuso l’uomo di corruzione.
Dopo il 1906, ci sono state molte versioni del logo ovale introdotto e dal 2002 e stato aggiornato, rispettando lo stile di disegno 3D di questa era. Nel 1855, la societa ha iniziato a fare biciclette ed e stato uno dei maggiori produttori di biciclette in Francia. Il primo logo Renault fu introdotto nel 1900 ed era costituito dalle iniziali dei fratelli Louis Ferdinand e Marcel. Nel 1973, la Rolls Royce Motor Company e stata separata dalla casa madre, che e stata nazionalizzata a seguito di una grave crisi nel 1971. Nel 1947, la Saab produsse la sua prima auto, chiamata SAAB 92 (perche era il design nuemero 92 della societa, tutti i modelli precedenti erano gli aerei!).
In realta il cavallino rampante e lo stesso della Ferrari e ironia della sorte rappresentano entrambi adesso due marchi di vetture sportive eternamente rivale. A stylized ‘B’ with the letters ‘uick’ embedded into it was used as the company proved successful at the beginning of the century.
The idea to refer to the ancient Scottish coat of arms, belonging to the Buick (then Buik) family changed the logo forever. The current three shields keep the brand’s traditions, but are designed in different shades of silver and feature plain diagonal lines that used to be checkered on earlier versions.
However, the original colors of the tri-shield were red, white and blue in honor of the Scottish Buik family coat of arms.
After the First World War, Henry Leland began to establish itself as a luxury car manufacturer, but it suffers from significant financial woes. And it is the sober and straight to the Continental in 1961 that put an end to fashion wings of American cars of the 1950s. It’s been the symbol for Rolls-Royce since its birth and it continues to help drivers, who aren’t petrolheads, to spot one on the motorway. But as much as safety is a concern, you wouldn’t want to do that when you’ve just spent ?250,000 on your brand new Rolls-Royce. Now, though, thanks to cars like the GT Continental and Mulsanne, Bentley has its own lane and following that it can take straight to the bank. Wearing your stolen VW emblem as a chain was what the youths of the day wanted to do and it defined an era when hip-hop was becoming a popular form of music. You’re hit with a raging bull that looks as if it’s just been kicked up the arse by a man dressed in all red. The fleur-de-lis was chosen since Chevrolet was a French name, and a fleur-de-lis is a French symbol meaning peace and purity. It demonstrates a fascinating dynamic of advancement with a few motions, particularly from the eighties of the most recent century and onwards. The auto business is headed by six expansive car brands that have their own plants all as far and wide as possible: Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Suzuki and Honda. The limit of the car showcase in Western Europe will succumb to 5%, on 12,5 million vehicles. In 2011, Toyota was set third on the same rundown of car brands, in light of the cataclysmic seismic tremor and wave, however a year after the car brand is over on the top. Most normally, the car brands gain notoriety and manufacture personality on their logos, so they don't favor regular changes.
Il primo logo ALFA e stato progettato nel 1910 da Romeo Cattaneo e ha una storia interessante. Nel 1959 l’auto fece la sua comparsa nella saga di James Bond con una Aston Martin DB Mark III, che contribui a diffondere il nome Aston Martin in tutto il mondo.
August Horch, un ingegnere tedesco, fu costretto a lasciare la sua azienda nel 1909, pero continuo ad utilizzare il vecchio nome Horch. Il nome Cadillac deriva dall’aristocratico Antoine de La Mothe, Seigneur de Cadillac (Sir di Cadillac) e lo stemma della famiglia de La Mothe e stata utilizzato come logo della societa per la prima volta nel lontano 1906. Inizialmente l’azienda produceva sughero, perche a quei tempi in Giappone vi era una carenza di questo materiale. Nel 1906, il logo e stato cambiato nel frontale di una macchina racchiuso in una ruota dentata. Nel 1884 Henry Royce, uno dei fondatori della Rolls Royce, produsse la sua prima auto, una due cilindri Royce 10, nella sua fabbrica di Manchester nel 1904. Il logo con la testa di un animale mitologico che aveva un corpo di leone e una testa d’aquila, e venuto da Vadis-Scania, un produttore di camion che si e fuso con la Saab.
The super-luxurious company has made claim to build the “best car in the world”, but until the Phantom, they didn’t. It is conceivable that not long from now, the offer of vehicles that will develop for around 3%, on 12,85 million vehicles, will settle the circumstances, on the grounds that the emergency is going on for a long stretch, particularly in the nations like Spain and Italy, as indicated by numerous investigators. Il signor Cattaneo una volta era ad una fermata del tram di Piazza Castello a Milano e fu ispirato dalla bandiera con la croce rossa simbolo della citta di Milano e dallo stemma della nobile casa dei Visconti (il simbolo e caratterizzato da un Biscione con un uomo tra le fauci, per il fatto che la famiglia era sempre pronta a distruggere i suoi nemici!).
Tuttavia il suo ex socio lo denuncio per violazione di marchio aziendale e cosi fu costretto a cercare un altro nome.
Antoine de La Mothe, nato in Francia, fu costretto a trasferirsi in America (alcuni dicono per un crimine commesso, altri per un debito che non riusciva a pagare!) dove assunse una nuova identita e dove cambio anche lo stemma familiare.
Dopo che la FIAT acquisto il marchio Chrysler, il logo e stato ulteriormente modificato con il disegno di un’ala piu moderna anche se parecchi vedono una certa somiglianza con il marchio Aston Martin. Questo lavoro porto subito molti profitti e notorieta, basti pensare che dei pezzi prodotti nella fabbrica Citroen furono utilizzati per la costruzione del Titanic!
La corona d’alloro attorno al cerchio era per celebrare la vittoria della societa nella prima gara di auto a cui partecipo. Quando usci e con l’abolizione del sistema feudale, diede vita a una compagnia di navigazione che chiamo Mitsubishi.
Il logo del leone Peugeot e ispirato alla bandiera della Regione Franche-Comte e fu progettato da un gioielliere, Blazer Justin, nel 1847. Durante la Prima Guerra Mondiale, la Renault produsse carri armati leggeri per gli Alleati. Questo simbolo Baracca lo aveva messo dopo aver vinto il suo primo duello aereo contro un aviatore tedesco, il cui simbolo era appunto un cavallino rampante, emblema della sua contea, quella di Stoccarda. During the following 20 years the color changed from terracotta to red, the rectangular shape was replaced with heraldic and then with a shield-like shape. The latest version of the logo was introduced in 2002, surprising many with its monochrome silver design.
Kennedy, assassinated in the back of his Lincoln Continental X-100 in Dallas November 22, 1963.
Finally, Lincoln is the first American manufacturer of luxury which incorporates a model to its SUV range with the Navigator in 1998. Before BMW took control of the company, Rolls was a car manufacturer that was suffering from a lack of direction. Le parole ALFA e MILANO sono stati scritte attorno ai due simboli separati da due nodi della dinastia Savoia, in onore del regno d’Italia. Nel 1919 la fabbrica inizio a produrre automobili e il logo era di forma ottagonale con 2 frecce color oro su sfondo blu. La forma del marchio continuo a cambiare continuamente nel corso degli anni e ritorno alla forma circolare nel 1999.
Dopo la Seconda Guerra Mondiale l’azienda registro il marchio Mazda e lancio il primo logo.

Piu tardi, un membro della quarta generazione degli Iwasaki, Kayota, trasformo l’azienda nel colosso automobilistico attuale cambiandogli il nome in Mitsubishi Motors. Cosi cambio il suo logo in un carro armato dopo la guerra a causa della popolarita del suo carro armato, il Renault FT-17.
Nel 2000, la Saab  e stata acquisita da General Motors (100% del capitale) e solo da poco la GM ha annunciato di aver completato la vendita di Saab alla Spyker Cars NV.
In 1910, Milan aristocrat Cavaliere Ugo Stella collaborated with the French car company Darracq to market the line in Italy. Dopo molti alti e bassi, nel 2009 il nuovo logo Citroen e rappresentato dall’idea iniziale del suo fondatore. Inizialmente la societa non voleva costruire autovetture con il proprio nome, ma offriva soltanto consulenze per la costruzione di veicoli a motore. La forma di diamante, che appare nel logo della societa fino ad oggi, e stato introdotto nel 1925. Nel 1971, l’azienda e, successivamente, il marchio si sono suddivise costituendo la Rolls-Royce e Bentley Motors Ltd. Nel 1918 il distintivo e stato ridisegnato da Giuseppe Merosi per includere le parole ALFA ROMEO. Cosi la societa fu chiamata Audiwerke GmbH nel 1910.Nel 1932, i quattro costruttori di automobili Audi, Horch, DKW eWanderer si fusero per formare Auto Union. Nel 2009, come parte della nuova campagna di marketing, il vice-presidente Bob Lutz decise di far rivivere e diffondere l’immagine della General Motors nel mondo, affidando al direttore generale Cadillac  Bryan Nesbitt il restyling del logo che ora si presenta come una versione ottimizzata di quello vecchio. Il design e stato curato dalla societa Landor e la forma tridimensionale rappresenta le nuove tendenze del settore automobilistico. Questa azienda e nota per la progettazione della prima vettura Volkswagen, la Volkswagen Beetle. Nel 1998, tale licenza e stata ritirata quando i marchi dell’autovettura sono stati venduti da Rolls-Royce plc ad una societa, la BMW, ed e ora conosciuta come Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd. One coat of arms was replaced with three shields placed inside a silver circle to commemorate the launch of three new models.
I quattro anelli interconnessi, che sarebbe poi diventato il logo Audi moderno, era in origine il logo della Auto Union.
La scritta Citroen mantiene il suo tradizionale colore rosso, per simboleggiare un ponte tra passato e futuro. Ferdinand trasformo questa azienda in Porsche nel 1931, ma la prima vettura Porsche non e stata introdotta fino al 1939. Questa azienda oggi produce auto di lusso e accessori in nome di Rolls-Royce con sede a Goodwood, in Inghilterra.
After the war, the company went back to producing cars and took on its owner's last name to become Alfa Romeo.Aston MartinIn 1913, Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford founded a company that later would become Aston Martin.
Inizialmente il logo Auto Union e stato utilizzato solo per le auto da corsa e le quattro societa continuarono a produrre auto con il proprio marchio. Nel 1950 Ferdinand Porsche decise di progettare un logo che simboleggiasse la citta di Stoccarda, citta dove era situata la fabbrica.
Il suo sistema di identita e marchio sono coerenti con i principi originali della societa fondata oltre 100 anni fa.
At the time, Martin & Bamford Limited produced Singers racing cars, but the duo wanted to create a more sophisticated model of their own. Dopo diversi progetti, uno degli ingegneri di Porsche, Franz Xaver Reimspiess, ebbe l’idea definitiva con un cavallino rampante per simboleggiare la spinta propulsiva in avanti dei loro motori. They named their first car Aston Martin after the founder Lionel Martin and the Aston Clinton hill climb racing course where their Singers car had won previously.We can't talk about Aston Martin without mentioning James Bond. Purtroppo il fondatore mori nel 1951 prima che il logo fosse stampato sulla prima vettura, la Porsche 356, che fu immessa sul mercato nel 1952. Il logo moderno Audi presenta una texture tridimensionale e ombre, con conseguente immagine cromata. Lo scudo Porsche cambio poco nel corso degli anni e ora e presente sullo sterzo, sulle ruote e sui cerchioni. When it was made into a movie in 1964, Bond drove an updated, supersleek silver Aston Martin DB5 (complete with machine gun, passenger ejector seat, and revolving number plates!)James Bond and his Aston Martin DB5 in GoldfingerInterestingly, Ian Fleming himself didn't drive Aston Martin.
Il nome di Audi e ora piu piccolo e si e allontanato dal centro verso l’angolo in basso a sinistra, mentre il carattere e cambiato.
He preferred the 1963 Studebaker Avanti!AudiGerman engineer August Horch, who used to work for Karl Benz, founded his own automobile company A.
A decade later, he was forced out of his own company and set up a new company in another town and continued using the Horch brand.
At the time, aircrafts were painted with regional colors and the colors of the Bavarian flag were white and blue. It is said that the pilot saw the propeller as alternating segments of white and blue, hence the logo.
The roundel was a nod to Karl Rapp's original company.During World War I, BMW was a major supplier of airplane engines (and later airplanes such as the Red Baron) (thanks Redditors!) to the German government. When that business failed, Buick and his friend took it over - but within a few years, Buick had an argument with his partner because he preferred to spend his time tinkering with car engines. Buick sold his share in the company and quit.With the money, Buick founded the Buick Motor Company and within a few years ran it to the ground. He was kicked out of the company by his partner William "Billy" Durant in 1906 and later sold his stock for a mere $100,000. General Motors, the company that Durant built, refused him pension and he died almost penniless. Cadillac was named after de La Mothe in 1902, following a bicentenary celebration of the founding of the city.Problem was, de La Mothe was never a nobility! Born Antoine Laumet, de La Mothe was forced to leave France for America under a mysterious circumstance (some say he committed a crime or was unable to pay his debt). Gone were the six birds called the merlettes, the crown, and the entire fabricated de La Mothe family crest as the company tried to shake up its stodgy image.
Ford experimented with cars while working for Thomas Edison, and left to found his first auto company, The Detroit Automobile Company, which went bankrupt in just 2 years. Ford's partner brought in a group of investors and even convinced the Dodge Brothers to accept shares in the company, which was renamed Ford Motor Company. Later, the Dodge Brothers went on to form their own car company (can you guess what?)In 1909, Childe Harold Wills, Ford's first chief engineer and designer (who also help to design the Model T), lend a script font that he created to make his own business card, to create the Ford logo. At the time, there was a cork shortage because of World War I, so the company was founded to process a cork substitute made from the bark of an Abemaki or Chinese cork oak tree.
It was a good idea at the time, but shortly afterwards Japan could get real cork again and the company foundered.In 1927, Jujiro Matsuda came onboard and the company began manufacturing tools, three-wheeled "trucks" and then cars.
After World War II, the company formally adopted the name Mazda, which depending on who you ask, stood for the Zoroastrian god Ahura Mazda or an anglicized pronunciation of Matsuda the founder's name (or both).In the 1936 logo, the M shaped curve was inspired by the emblem of Hiroshima city.
Both Daimler and Benz worked independently to invent internal combustion-powered automobiles. Their factories were actually just 60 miles apart, yet they didn't know of each other's early work.After World War I, the German economy was in tatters, and to survive, the two companies formed a syndicate in 1924, where they would continue to sell their separate brands but would standardize design, share purchasing and advertising. In 1926, however, the two companies merged into Daimler-Benz.The name "Mercedes" came about in 1900. A wealthy European businessman and racing enthusiast named Emil Jellinek began selling Daimler's cars. He used to pepper DMG's engineers with colorful suggestions and criticism such as "Your manure wagon has just broken down on schedule" and "You are all donkeys".
Iwasaki asked a local magistrate to hear his case, and when refused, accused the man of corruption. Their first products were rolled steel for saw blades and clock springs, as well as cylindrical steel rods. For decades, the Peugeot family business made metal goods, machine tools, crinoline dresses, umbrellas, wire wheels, irons, sewing machines, kitchen gadgets and by 1885, bicycles.Indeed, Peugeot's entry into the automobile business was by way of bicycles. A year later, he abandoned steam in favor of gas-powered internal combustion engine after meeting Gottlieb Daimler.The Peugeot "lion" logo was designed by jeweler and engraver Justin Blazer in 1847. In 1906, the logo changed to a front end of a car enclosed in a gear wheel.Renault FT-17 tank, driven by American troops, going forward to the battle line in the Forest of Argonne.
The first car it made was a prototype called the the Saab 92001 or ursaab (meaning "original Saab") in 1946. It was test-driven for nearly 330,000 miles (530,000 km) in utter secrecy, usually on narrow and muddy forest roads in the early mornings or late nights.In 1947, the Saab Automobile company was incorporated.
The company's first car was the Saab 92, named because it was simply the company's 92nd design project (the previous 91 had all been aircraft).The griffen logo, featuring the head of a mythological beast that had a body of a lion and head and wings of an eagle, came from Vadis-Scania, a truck manufacturer that merged with SAAB (airplane) company. When Hitler rose to power and became Chancellor, he spoke at the 1933 Berlin Auto Show of his idea to create a new and affordable car.At the same time, Ferdinand Porsche (yes, that Porsche) was designing an odd-looking yet inexpensive car (which would later become the Volkswagen Beetle). He said the car should look like a Maikaefer - a May beetle and even gave Porsche a sketch of the basic design. Porsche promised to deliver the design, with prototype cars to be built by Daimler-Benz.In 1937, the Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH was created (it became simply Volkswagenwerk GmbH a year later). In 1938, Hitler opened the state-funded Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, which was to produce the KdF-wagen (kraft durch freude, meaning "strength through joy").
The British then sought to give control of the company - first they asked the Ford Motor Company, then the French Government, other British car manufacturers and lastly, Fiat. All turned down this "free offer" because they thought the Beetle's design was inferior and that the company would be a money drain.
Later, having sold more than 21 million cars, the Volkswagen Beetle would become one of the world's best selling cars ever.The VW logo itself was supposedly designed by Franz Xavier Reimspiess, an employee of Porsche, during an office logo design competition. He was given a one time payment of 100 Reichsmarks (about $400).If you didn't see your favorite car's logo history, chances are it is because its logo didn't change much over the years. There are also dozens of large car companies in the world (many more if you counted the defunct ones), and we couldn't fit every single one in this article.

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