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In addition to examples constructed by Spencer, plans of the design have been sold for home construction and the first amateur-built Air Car flew in September 1974. One of the most recurring human follies are the seemingly endless attempts to cross the car with an airplane. The Mizar was conceived of and cobbled together between the years 1971 and 1973 by a former Henry Smolinski, a Northrop-trained engineer.
The rear Skymaster engine was retained, and it was intended to be the sole power plant during cruise. And of course, upon landing again, the Pinto would be quickly unbolted and driven away, although with a very heavily burdened dashboard, as that clipping picture above makes all to obvious. I always thought it hilarious that Bangkok would have an AMC dealer in 1974, and that the cops were driving Ambassadors.
And it is crazy how much this flying Pinto looks like the jet-powered Matador from that movie.
I got on the phone with Oxnard PD and was told there was a plane crash on West Gonzales Road which was very close to my home. He told me he watched the plane as it was descending out of control through the tops of nearby eucalyptus trees landing close to his pickup truck which was damaged by the ensuing fire. The OFD Captain told me there were two deceased, the pilot and I believe, the president of the company. Had they landed safely, it was my understanding that Flight Standards would have violated them for not adhering to the Letter of Agreement, plus flying over populated area as they would have done when the got close to Ventura Road and right base. Er, and exactly why were these people doing this, endangering their own lives and those of folks they flew over??
Incidently, I was flying out of Oxnard in our Cessna 172 at the time you were at the tower. Carl and Richard, My name is Linda my father was the president of AVE , he inventef the Mizar. I sincerely hope the tone of my article does not cause additional pain to you and you brother. A guy on the Pinto boards named Pintony has found the car used in the promo video and is restoring it. It seems unforgivable that anyone would try to make a plane out of a car, and not take into consideration how to properly put the thing together. The lead photo is very cool, and very James Bond, even if there had not been a Bond movie featuring such a vehicle. The goals of the carplane are indeed lofty (pun vaguely intended) considering the difficulty of making the vehicle functional for two purposes.
The HondaJet is awaiting final FAA certification–they have flying prototypes and orders on the books. The engineering constraints of motoring & aviation cannot be reconciled with existing technology. The Pinto may not have made a very good airplane, but contrary to popular opinion today, it was a mighty fine car.

OK, I think we all can agree that cars and planes are too dissimilar for a fruitful mating.
It has a strut-braced high wing and the cabin and fuel-carrying floats are similar to the Seabee, but the tail unit is more angular and a retractable tricycle undercarriage is fitted. His brilliant idea was to combine the rear section of a Cessna Skymaster, which was a very innovative design using two engines in the same thrust line, one in the front and one in the back.  By cutting away (the very light aluminum) front section of the Skymaster, Smolinski envisioned replacing it with the not-so-light Pinto. In a test flight on September 11, 1973, the right wing strut detached, or the wing just folded, based on varying eyewitness accounts. But whether they will ever effectively overcome the inherent compromises involved, both technically, financially, and operationally, is a very big and still unanswered question. And I guess the Pinto was substituted for the Matador because AMC was a big sponsor of the film. I never new what the NTSB had determined to be the root cause of the accident until reading it here.
You have really helped us uncover some new information about the Mizar and what happened that last day. The main approaches being that the car either escapes the plane structure (creating a bit of a storage issue) or that the car carries its plane structure while serving as a car both have many problems.
How about the structural integrity of the car, and therefore, the safety of the car and occupants inside?
Davis) and the opening sequence featured a plane that became a car, after the wings were removed. Try to build one vehicle that does both, and you end up with a device that does neither function particularly well. This comes from someone who put 100,000 miles on one in 5 years, and it already had 40,000+ miles on it when I bought it.
Likewise, cars make poor boats, despite the best efforts of BBC Top Gear, which crossed the English Channel with one of the three cars it modified for the purpose. There’s a history of success there, from the Alaskan floatplane to the mammoth, once-flown Spruce Goose. The two have such profoundly different purposes and requirements, and there’s so little that they actually share. Though, it was probably the case that the filmmakers were inspired by the Pinto project, and hadn’t it been for AMC, it would most likely been a Pinto in the film. But he did tell me when the aircraft took off, they wanted to return to the airport immediately.
It would seem that aerodynamics has little argument with the hydrodynamics needed to keep a vessel afloat. As soon as I saw Paul’s write up I remembered the car, and it was interesting to get some details on the story of the car. As an inventor of many things myself… Most times, it took me several years or research and experimenting to make it work. In the early 1970s he designed the improved and larger four-seat S-12-D Aircar, which retained the basic layout of the Seabee.

Can’t dreamy-eyed engineers get past the idea that a passenger cabin and a set of wheels is not really enough to share effectively?
With my previous experience, that usually was an indication of a car striking a electrical pole. As I walked to the site I noticed, in the middle of the road, a rather mangled blue-colored Ford air filter cover. As I recall, he watched the experimental plane with binoculars and witnessed a wing separating from the car. Perhaps the most amusing looking but tragic example is the AVE Mizar, an ill-fated attempt to make the Pinto airborne.
From the looks of the picture showing the engine attached to the rear of the Pinto, the weight hanging out in the back looks like it’s overwhelming the rear suspension. The NTSB report of the crash also identified bad welds, along with a bad attachment of the right wing. It did not cross my mind that this was from the crash until a OF Captain told me it was the flying Pinto car. I might feel better if my next transatlantic trip was by Pan Am Clipper, able to land on water. People have blamed the Pinto for fiery crashes, but they can’t stick this one on on it. Thank you to everyone posting all the nice comments about the Mizar and our dad Henry Smolinski. Their Letter of Agreement did not allow them to fly it (away from the airport) at that time.
Because as humans, we can’t help but want to make life better, easier, and go beyond what has ever been done before! The day they landed in the bean field off the end of the runway they had remained airborne too long and couldn’t get it down on the runway. Get the best prices and widest choice on quality used cars in North Nottinghamshire, contact us today!We offer a wide range of services including Full Inspection Prior to Sale, Hpi Checked to make sure the car is free of accident damage and finance, Warranty on all our Pre Owned Used Cars, Part Exchange welcome, Finance Available subject to terms and conditions and We buy cars for cash. Not wanting to punch through the fence they flew it beyond the fence and landed it in the field.
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