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Why it sucks: The engineering section is basically an amusement park attraction, looks like a hairdryer. Why it sucks: There must have been something wrong with it because it was retired after only five years in service.
Why it sucks: Symptomatic of the over-reliance on gimmicks like time travel that ultimately killed Trek on TV. Although I have been watching the original series again and the 1701 has grown on me immensely.
I prefer the NCC-1701 refit that made its debut in Star Trek The Motion Picture because it’s the one that gave rise to the technological innovations of the future versions.

Shaheen Van Der Schyff spins up the magic at the Chetla Slum in Calcutta, India, while on tour with Performers Without Borders.
Artscape Hooping: Hillary Moon was spotted spinning 3 hula hoops while wearing a bright yellow jumpsuit. Plus the very first shot the E from First Contact where it emerges from the nebula is gorgeous. Emily’s back with a glitchier version of the Flutterby called the Flip Flerp Flutterby. These two take to the high seas with their hoops and spin up big smiles, sweet moves and serious hoop joy.

There was so much potential to explore how difficult the early days of space exploration would be but they had all the normal equipment, they just called it different things.
The TV series was also the best iteration of the Star Trek genre for me and I have enjoyed them all.

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