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The Grand Sport comes out with a different body styling and racetrack suspensions for better performance. The car consists of an LS3 6.2 L engines that delivers 424 lb-ft torque and produces an output power of 430 bhp. The wheels in the Grand Sport are chrome finished where the front wheel measures 18 inches and the rear wheel measures 19 inches. The special features in the Grand Sport includes the extra cooling, specific manual transmission, front splitter in Z06-style and rear spoiler, rear axle ratio and the chrome finished wheels. These models features the rear mounted battery, differential cooler and dry sump oiling system.

In addition, the two mode exhaust system that delivers a 428 lb-ft torque and produces an output power of 436 bhp and 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission are available optionally. The brakes include the 14 inch front rotors which contains six piston calipers and 13 inch rear rotor which contains four piston calipers.
Even though Javelin got critics for its dull interior, drum brakes and unpowered steering over 56.000 units were sold only in the first production year. The production of AMC Javelin was done in between 1968-1974 with a possible generation split into two one – 1968-1970 and 1971-1974.
The next model year got minor design changes such as revised striping, new grille and trim.

During the same 1968 year AMC was the only manufacturer that managed to finish every Trans-Am race. This package also had power front disc brakes, dual exhaust and could be enriched with the SST trim that made Javelin look quite luxurious muscle car. The 6.4 liter engine was offered as an option engine in middle 1968 and helped AMC Javelin reach 0-60 in 7 seconds.

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