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Lincoln's relationship with God is a subject highly debated by historians and students of history. The primary reason for this debate over whether or not Lincoln was a man of faith can be summed up in two words: William Herndon. There is little doubt that Lincoln, as a young man, went through a period of skepticism towards Christianity.
It is true that Lincoln never joined a church, although he attended church services regularly while President. Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away. This is Lincoln's proclamation that the last Thursday of November should be set aside as a day of Thanksgiving. Lincoln was raised in the Christian-Calvinistic traditional faith, which he abandoned when a young man. Since he believed that God still intervened in the affairs of mankind, and considered the Bible to be the truth (reading it nearly every day while in the White House) theistic rationalist is a possible interpretation of Lincoln's religious beliefs. For additional discussion, see my blog post on the Confusion about Lincoln's religious beliefs. Abraham Lincoln (1809-65) may likely be the most studied and researched of the United States presidents.
Still, the biography was written in the early 20th century, a time when such topics were only discussed in whispers. Detractors of Lincoln’s possible homosexuality, such as historian David Herbert Donald, often say there is no new evidence on Lincoln.
Yet history, like everything else, is open to interpretation and influenced by new findings.
This poem, about a boy marrying a boy, is thought to be the first reference to gay marriage in U.S. The poem was included in the first major biography of Lincoln, written by his law partner, William Herndon. By 1840, both Lincoln and Speed — now 31 and 26— were considered well past the marrying age.
The two exchanged letters regularly and, in October 1842, Lincoln observed the newlywed Speed was “happier now than you were the day you married her.” He continued: “Are you now, in feeling as well as judgment, glad you are married as you are? Even after the Civil War broke out and Speed lived in Kentucky — a border state — Lincoln and Speed continued to write. Throughout Lincoln’s political career, he urged Speed to accept a political appointment that would bring him to live in Washington, D.C.
After Speed and Lincoln’s marriages, there were no traces of other men in Lincoln’s life until Elmer Ellsworth in 1860. The Chicago Zouaves, led by Ellsworth, toured the northern states in the months before the Civil War, with the so-called regiment performing acrobatic moves, marching and weapons displays. At the beginning of the Civil War, Ellsworth asked Lincoln to assist in obtaining a position for him in the Union Army. When a call for soldiers went out, Ellsworth headed to New York and rallied 1,000 men, then returned to Washington, D.C.
As with Speed and his family, Lincoln appointed Ellsworth family members to positions in the government.
Lincoln and his bodyguard became close, and historians Tripp and David Herbert Donald noted two recorded mentions that Lincoln and Derickson slept in the same bed: Derickson’s superior, Lt.
The Bucktails witnessed the relationship between the president and his bodyguard, which was public enough that they knew Derickson kept him company when Mrs. The most outspoken and respected of detractors is historian and Lincoln biographer David Herbert Donald, arguably the most notable Lincoln observer since Sandburg. Younger historians and Lincoln scholars seem to be more sensitive to the subject than Donald or Kerns were.
Taken individually, accounts of Lincoln with other men may not offer enough proof that he was gay. Visit Kansas Memory for documents and images related to Lincoln in Kansas, or browse these links.
View documents and images related to Lincoln in Kansas, or browse these links on Kansas Memory.
A Weblog Dedicated to the Discussion of the Christian Faith and 21st Century Life___I do not seek to understand that I may believe, but I believe in order to understand.
Below is a letter Lincoln wrote to General Joseph Hooker 151 years ago, who succeeded General Burnside who succeeded McClellan as the commander of the Army of the Potomac.
After 12 days, the search for John Wilkes Booth and his accomplice David Herold ends on April 26, 1865.
Despite his success as an actor on the national stage, John Wilkes Booth will forever be known as the man who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.

The celebrated actor Junius Brutus Booth immigrated to the United States from England in the early 1820s and settled his family in Harford County, Maryland, where the ninth of his 10 children, John Wilkes, was born on May 10, 1838. In October 1859, Booth–who, like many Marylanders, supported slavery–was shocked and galvanized by the abolitionist John Brown’s bloody raid on Harper’s Ferry, Virginia. Shortly after the outbreak of the Civil War, Lincoln declared martial law in Maryland as part of an effort to keep the state from seceding. Less than a week later, Confederate forces evacuated Richmond, and within two weeks, General Robert E. If you completed your subscription and still have not received an email, please contact us. Lincoln stated that after the demise of their son Willy in early 1862, her husband drew much closer to God. At age 22, he settled in New Salem, Ill., where he met Billy Greene — and, as Greene told Herndon, the two “shared a narrow bed. Both bachelors reportedly were hesitant to tie the knot, but it was a de-facto requirement to have a wife if you wanted to move in political circles — or at least create the perception of interest in marriage. 15, 1842 wedding: “When this shall reach you, you will have been Fanny’s husband several days.
From any body but me, this would be an impudent question not to be tolerated; but I know you will pardon it in me. On numerous occasions, Speed visited Lincoln at the White House; he even spent a night with Lincoln in the president’s cottage at the Soldier’s Home, 3 miles northwest of the White House. According to “The Abraham Lincoln Blog,” in 1859, Ellsworth formed the Chicago Zouaves, a precision military drill team based on the famous Zouave soldiers of the French Army based in northern Africa. The regiment impressed the crowds — despite the fact that they’d never seen military action. Lincoln invited Ellsworth, who had been a law clerk in Chicago, to move to Springfield to study law. When Virginia voted to secede on May 23, 1861, a hotel owner in Alexandria, Va., across the Potomac River, raised a Confederate flag — visible from Lincoln’s office.
David Derickson, who served as his bodyguard, providing protection for the president when he commuted from the White House to his cottage at the Soldier’s Home. In his attempts to refute Lincoln’s possible homosexuality, Donald claims in his book “Lincoln’s Men” (2004) that while Speed and Lincoln slept together for four years in the same bed, they both were romancing women during two of those years. He did so when it was acceptable in youth and poverty, and also when he was older and successful. Sometimes called the Dean of the Gay Press, the award-winning columnist is fascinated by history. He visited several towns in northeast, including Leavenworth and Atchison during a week-long sojourn. In 1846, it was revealed that Junius Booth had neglected to divorce his first wife before eloping with his second, Mary Ann, 25 years before. Angry and frustrated, Booth nonetheless promised his mother he would never enlist in the Confederate Army. After seeing no immediate profit, he backed out of the operation, losing most of his savings. It wasn’t until 2005 when the first book was published on Lincoln’s relationships with men, C.A. Those who attempt to refute Lincoln’s possible “homosexuality” usually focus on one particular incident — of the many — that supports the theory: his relationship with Speed. When one turned over the other had to do likewise.” Greene was so close to Lincoln at that time that he could describe Lincoln’s physique. One, Joshua Fry Speed, became his bed partner for a while; the other was law partner Herndon. You know my desire to befriend you is everlasting — that I will never cease, while I know how to do any thing. Early the next morning, Ellsworth and his men crossed the river and occupied the telegraph office to cut off communications. Thomas Chamberlain, and Tish Fox, the wife of Assistant Navy Secretary Gustavus Fox, both wrote about it.
Historical interpretations aside, why would the president, then in his 50s, sleep with his bodyguard? But the fact that he courted women doesn’t rule out the possibility that Lincoln may have preferred men. While the words “homosexual” and “gay” were not coined at that point, Whitman now is considered to have been gay. Baker, a former student of Donald, conceded in her acclaimed 1987 book, “Mary Todd Lincoln: A Biography,” that Lincoln’s distraction from his wife was likely due to more than just his all-consuming work. While it is documented that Lincoln slept with several men, there is only one confirmed woman who shared his bed — Todd.

Before the fateful night at Ford’s Theatre, he had conspired to kidnap Lincoln and hide him until all Confederate prisoners were released. The scandal made an impression on young John Wilkes, who was fiercely proud of his illustrious family name.
As Washington exploded in celebration, Booth attended another Lincoln speech on April 11, reacting strongly to Lincoln’s suggestion that he would pursue voting rights for blacks. African-American citizens — not historians — led the effort to give Hemings her rightful place in history.
However, Lincoln was poor at the time and it was not unusual for men in poverty to share a bed. Beyond the revelation that Lincoln and Speed had an intimate friendship, little has been written about how diligently Speed worked for Lincoln’s legal and political career.
One author wrote that it seemed Lincoln had a “schoolboy crush” on the much-younger Ellsworth.
Seeing that the hotel was next door, Ellsworth entered it and took down the flag, then was fatally shot by the hotel’s proprietor. Donald also noted that no contemporaries of the two, including Herndon, claimed to have witnessed Speed and Lincoln having intimate relations.
A pesar de que en la actualidad el principal objetivo del Servicio Secreto es proteger al Presidente, esa no era su intencion original.
On April 14, 1865, Booth entered the theater’s balcony, shot Lincoln at close range and immediately fled the scene.
Booth was about to take on the part of Hamlet in October 1860 when he accidentally shot himself in the thigh with a co-star’s pistol. Likewise with Lincoln, most historians have referred to isolated facts rather than the pattern of events in his life to tell his personal story.
Most historians agree Lincoln wrote the poem as a joke or rebuttal to the lack of an invitation to a friend’s wedding, but how a backwoodsman conceives a boy-marries-boy poem in 1829 remains a question. Speed’s name popped up in many of Lincoln’s legal filings and on the Illinois Whig Party’s central committee. He first worked in Lincoln’s law practice, then moved on to his political career and eventual campaign for president. But Donald ignored eyewitness accounts and misinterpreted other witnesses who hinted at it, such as the president’s own secretaries. Hasta la mitad de la decada de 1800, aproximadamente un tercio del dinero estadounidense era falso.
Abraham Lincoln was elected president one month later, and Booth watched the South move toward secession while recuperating in Philadelphia. Booth attended Lincoln’s second inaugural in early March with his secret fiancee Lucy Hale, the daughter of an abolitionist New Hampshire senator. Historians have been all over the map as to what caused the breakdown, but it was so intense that friends, including Herndon, worried he would take his own life. The historian also brushed aside the emotion contained in the letters between Lincoln and Speed, in their own handwriting. La solucion fue algo similar al enfoque actual de los problemas a gran escala – formar una comision.
In what would be his last performance, Booth appeared in front of a full house at Ford’s in The Apostate on March 28, 1865. Most Lincoln historians agree this relationship was the strongest and most intimate of the president’s life.
Donald pointed out it was common for 19th-century young men to have emotional relationships and share a bed.
Gracias a la insistencia del Secretario del Tesoro, Hugh McCulloch, Lincoln hizo exactamente eso. Booth worked for a year at a Philadelphia theater before moving to the Marshall Theatre in Richmond, Virginia, where he became known for his dark good looks, his intensely physical, almost acrobatic, performances and his popularity with women. What they don’t agree on is why they slept in the same bed together for four years when they had the space and means to sleep separately, as was expected of men their age. Esa division nacio apenas unas horas antes de que John Wilkes Booth disparara fatalmente al Presidente.El Servicio Secreto llevo a cabo sus funciones del Tesoro, sobre todo, durante los proximos 35 anos. Burnside's command of the Army, you have taken counsel of your ambition, and thwarted him as much as you could, in which you did a great wrong to the country, and to a most meritorious and honorable brother officer. And this was a house with ample room, unlike the hotels that accommodated Lincoln and his team on the road; then, it was common to sleep two or more in a bed. Si bien el asesinato de Lincoln provoco un debate sobre la necesidad de un destacamento de seguridad permanente para el Presidente, esta necesidad no se vio satisfecha durante decadas.

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