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Cartell®, Ireland’s only all Ireland Car History Check company, is now offering buyers a car history check on vehicles imported from the UK and Northern Ireland.
Alan Bishop, Industry Relations Director for HPI, believes this partnership will prove invaluable in protecting Irish dealers and consumers from buying suspect vehicles.
A recent study of 4350 vehicles imported from the UK showed that in 2001(?) almost 1 in 10 was a write off.
As well as confirming whether a vehicle has outstanding car finance, is recorded as stolen, or has previously been written-off, HPI’s used car check also confirms many other details including the make, model, colour, door plan, and engine size.
Formed in 1938, HPI have been checking vehicles ever since and have grown to become the UK’s largest provider of vehicle history data. To celebrate four years of success we are offering all our consumer customers a 30% discount on Cartell Two Star and Three Star Car Checks. Cartell has proved to be more than Ireland’s best history check and its interest in road safety was first demonstrated in 2007 when Cartell highlighted the disturbing issue of dangerously written off vehicles on Irish roads,  later identifying the scam involving written off vehicles from the UK being imported to Ireland. As our young business continues to grow we will be hiring staff to fill some new positions this summer.
We are very proud of Cartell’s achievements to date and are looking forward to continuing to add to our milestones. Thank you for the information.I will recommend to anyone to check with cartell first before purchasing a car. If you’re interested in learning more about how Motorcheck can help please browse the list of Frequently Asked Questions opposite. If you have a particular question that isn’t answered you can also contact us directly where a member of our customer services team would be pleased to help. Bbc ancient rome the rise and fall of an empire 1of6, This dramatised documentary series tells the story of the rise and fall of ancient rome through the six key turning points.

Ancient rome - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Ancient rome was an italic civilization that began on the italian peninsula as early as the 8th century bc.
Bbc - history - overview: roman britain, 43 - 410 ad, Explore the history of roman britain. Ancient rome - five books, Next up is the decline and fall of the roman empire by edward gibbon, which is considered a classic by many, but also somewhat of a heavy read.. Motorcheck.ieFAQsCan I get a car history check for a UK Import from GB or Northern Ireland?
It’s very important as a buyer that you perform a full check on any vehicle that has been imported from the UK before you buy.
If you are considering importing a car yourself we recommend doing a car check directly with Motorcheck before you travel.
Our reports ensure that any hidden UK history is uncovered automatically giving you complete peace of mind. Bring your child to work day discuss scratch Hi everybody soon on thursday 28th is bring your child to work day what will you be doing on that day where will you be going to work with you parents Bring your child to work day discuss scratch. Do you know hawaiian tattoo designs and meanings for women is one of the most popular topics in this category?
This new service, which is only available from Cartell.ie, will provide much needed reassurance for car buyers by giving them all the information they need about a vehicle before they purchase it.
Aherne continues, “Our overall mission as a company is to offer a service that gives car buyers access to all the information they need about a car before they purchase it.
This data is checked to make sure it matches the descriptions recorded against the vehicle at the time of manufacture, protecting the interests of the motorist and helping dealers meet their legal obligations. This means that a Cartell Three Star Check which retails at 35 Euro can now be purchased for 24.50 using the voucher –  a saving of over 10 Euro!

However, before this happens we will first have to carry out some building work to increase our slightly overcrowded offices.  (apologies if you hear building noise in the coming weeks!). Motorcheck provides a full car history check for a UK Import, including Great Britain (GB) and Northern Ireland (NI) in addition to any car registered in Ireland. The distance involved in the transaction can make a complaint very difficult to pursue afterwards and important checks such as Mileage, Stolen, Write-Off, Finance and more are an important part of the pre-purchase strategy.
Just enter its current registration number in the field below and you will have taken the first step towards an instant car history check. HPI also owns the National Mileage Register, the UK’s largest database of mileages with over 125 million mileage checks, to alert car buyers and dealers to potential mileage discrepancies.
To avail of this fantastic birthday discount just enter Cartell4 into the promotions step when performing a car history check. In addition, Cartell will be making some very important announcements later this year so watch this space.
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If the vehicle is imported Cartell.ie will obtain GB or NI vehicle history using the previous UK registration number, even if it is currently on an Irish registration plate, meaning that you get two checks for the price of one.

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