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The oddest part of the Thunderbird saga is the fact that the best selling Thunderbird was 1977-’79 cars, with the 1978 model the main seller in that grouping.
Designed to serve as a prototype, the Ford Thunderbird was Ford’s rapid-fire response to the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette.
It seems odd when given how the first generation, two seater, continues to bring big bucks at auction.
Additionally the generational nicknames are for the most part completely made up and have never been used by collectors, historians, or Ford.

When it finally rolled into the commercial market in 1955, the Ford Thunderbird quickly outsold the Corvette. You should add how much faster the Tbird was and that it out-sold the Vette in those early days. The early T-birds were all fiberglass hard-top convertibles with a few canvas-tops being offered in ’56 models. After it became apparent that Ford had stumbled upon a guaranteed formula for success, engineers began to tinker with the design.

Ultimately, the Ford Thunderbird lasted for 12 successful generations and sold approximately 4.2 million units.

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