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It has been a while since the DVLA elected to replace the old blue V5 log books with red alternatives, which is why the topic has slipped from public consciousness in recent months. Since late last year, the registered keeper for every car on Britain’s roads should have received a new document but the original deadline date is looming. As a significant number of the old-style blue V5 documents were stolen in 2007 and 2008, some of them must have been used to create false identities for stolen vehicles.
About Rob MarshallRob Marshall has served as GEM Motoring Assists’ technical advisor, since 2009, and has provided many hundreds of members with impartial and free one-to-one advice, in their hours of need. GEM Motoring Assist's free mobile app has been developed to give our members extra peace of mind.

GEM Motoring Assist is a trading name of The Guild of Experienced Motorists which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). If you have not received your new red V5C by the end of September, contact the DVLA to find out why. Therefore, if you are buying a car from a vendor that only has the blue-coloured V5 log book, make extra checks on the vehicle’s history, prior to parting with your cash. He started working on cars from the age of ten years-old and has bought, repaired, traded and sold them ever since. This has been developed for you, the member, to ensure that if you break down you can tell us exactly where you are.

While he holds a variety of mechanical and bodywork repair skills and experience, having worked within the motor sales and repair businesses, he is also involved actively within the motoring media, since supplying BBC Top Gear with a car in 1997. Today, Rob contributes to a wide range of motoring publications, from Car Mechanics to Classic and Sports Car magazine.

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