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Almost everybody uses internet banking and online bill pay systems, and appreciates the convenience of automated deductions. When I was younger and innocent (just a little), I decided to allow my home security provider (who then handled our home alarms) to automatically deduct his monthly fee from my checking account. First of all, they demanded to know why I wanted to cancel: well, I had every right to do so after 2 years!
My takeaway here is this: be very careful to whom you deliver your checkbook which is what you effectively do when you set up automated deductions. Except for very reliable large companies, such as house and car payments, I stopped automated payments to small outfits.
I believe that giving your private financial data to any company other than your bank is an added risk of identity theft. So be careful: as a consequence of automated deductions or bill pay correspondence with a non-bank, you may eventually end up with some guy out there who could be writing checks on your account. This would have been so much tougher to deal with if our bank had been involved, I am sure! In addition, I’ve heard of transactional errors as well, involving double billing or over billing. It’s always struck me as slightly insane to give ANYONE free access to your checking account. I guess if you’ve got your bank as the central point for your money management activities, that definitely works (I have it mostly set up this way as well). I would like a form sent to me or tell me how to bring up the form on my computer to have my monthly telephone deducted from my Checking account.

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After a couple of years, I felt that the service was lousy, their headquarters was 600 miles away and they didn’t have an office in my small town, so I told them to terminate the agreement. Then they applied the usual trick of trying to intimidate me with the falsehood that my contract had not yet expired: well it had, 2 months earlier! Nowadays, I prefer controlling every monthly payment I have to my creditors such as the phone company, credit card company, utility outfits and whoever handles my memberships.

We all have heard of hard drives and laptops stolen with millions of pieces of financial data on them.
Hey, no writing checks, no spending on stamps and no forgetting to send the payment on time. Little did I know that an apparently simple procedure was going to cause me so many headaches.
Guess who has to take time off from work or from the kids to spend a whole day at the local bank.
She contacted all her bills and requested a lower payment until next month, to which all agreed.
Any rates and offers found here may change without notice so please check the official sites (of offers we mention) for the latest, up to date information. Exasperated, I sought a friend who worked at the bank and asked him to terminate the payment.
Variable bills, I have to set up manually, but it takes less than 5 minutes to schedule a payment from my bank.
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As a last resort, I sent an official looking letter with as much legalese I could muster to the security company threatening them with a lawsuit if they didn’t desist.

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