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The early adoption of the dateline change helps Harland prepare its checks for potential use of image-survivable security features.
Another change affects the endorsement side of checks, replacing the gray backer with a blue backer.
More choices: Account holders can choose from a selection of specially priced scenic checks that they purchase, or accept the free checks that are provided by their financial institution.
Easy ordering: Branch flashcards help make selecting and ordering discounted checks easy for account holders and branch personnel. Reduced expenses: Expense Reduction Solutions can help capture additional paid check orders and reduce check program expenses. A Harland Clarke account executive will consult with your financial institution, help select the best Expense Reduction Solutions option and ensure all tools are available prior to implementation.
Week 2: Distribute the new-account representative communication and branch flashcard to personnel who open new accounts.
Week 3: Distribute the program reminder e-mail communication to all participating branches. Week 4: Distribute the account holder e-mail communication to your special program account holders for whom you have e-mail addresses.
You may not be familiar with Harland Clarke and their services but chances are your bank or credit union are their customers. If you’re looking for flexibility in your general check writing needs these should fit the bill.
This product is a specific subset of accounts payable, payroll checks are designed to maximize accounting processes and avoid costly mistakes.
Ordering your Harland business checks is easy;  just login to the website and browse the section relating to check ordering section and begin filling in the appropriate information for your business checks. All registered company and product name trademarks, service marks, and logos are copyright and property of their respective owners.

Whether you're just starting your business or it is already up and running, Harland Clarke's industry-leading checks and forms can support all your bookkeeping needs.
Choose from a variety of software-compatible computer checks and forms that help enhance your business's efficiency.
Existing ordering URLs will continue to function, but promotion of them will be phased out.
Starting this month, things will look a little different when the dateline on checks moves to a new location.
The company provides financial products and services to over 11,000 institutions across the country.
Since so much of ordering checks is about reputation, we feel it is best to wait for this new brand to become more established.
Harland Clarke has been a leader in business services throughout the United States providing a wide variety of solutions, services and products.
Take a look at the popular 3-to-a-page checks that serve a wide assortment of business transactions. Payroll checks are available in a variety of colors and designs and can also include custom logo printing. You’ll need your routing and transit number which is the nine digit number located in the bottom left corner of your check. Their high-tech security features meet all federal banking regulations and are accepted everywhere. There is a "material connection" between this site and the merchants listed on this site, even though, this site is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own. You'll find desk sets and Three-To-A-Page checks, security checks, recycled check stock, ValuePacks, accessories and much more.
This integrated link saves keystrokes and offers additional functionality for new accounts by enabling consumers to make address changes online.

In addition, to help support your financial institution’s strategic objectives, Harland Clarke offers reporting capabilities that show trends in consumer behavior as well as their satisfaction with self-service ordering. Harland will implement a global change to all personal checks, including standard and custom designs. Their corporate clients range from Fortune 500 companies to micro-businesses as well as individual consumers. Harland business checks can be purchased online in a variety of formats for small businesses as well as mid-sized companies. Once you’re done, enter the account number which is the set of numbers appearing just after the routing number to the right of the check sequence number at the bottom. Take advantage of the low prices to include accessories with your check orders such as check folders and three ring or seven ring binders.
Please consult the merchant or manufacturer's sites for any facts that affect your buying decision directly. Color-coded security graphics such as green, yellow and blue safety checks are available all as well as Burgundy and blue marble checks. These are available in 3-to-a-page format to fit in both the 3-ring and the 7-ring binders.
Harland business checks are known for their high quality and low prices but you can also expect great graphics and custom designs as well. You can also order manual or computer check value packs for general purposes, accounts payable and payroll. Harland is working with several clients to alpha test Validify with plans to market and sell the solution later this year.

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