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When asked why they decided to carry out the stunt, Chief Lands said they 'wanted to try and put some smiles on people's faces'The policeman captioned the footage: 'It's hot out there today so the Halifax Police Department decided to cool down some speeders. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Without question, one of the biggest concerns dog lovers face in the summer is irresponsible pet owners leaving their dog in a parked car while the temperature outside soars. Considerate pet owners know that what’s equally as important as not leaving pets in vehicles, is not allowing their pets to walk on hot surfaces like smooth glass and asphalt. There are several other things that pet owners can do to keep their faithful companions safe in the warmer weather. PETA.org suggests that owners who sense that their dogs are overheated should spray the dog with a garden hose or put him or her in a tub of cool water for a few minutes to lower the body temperature gradually. Quirk said the best way to ensure that your canine companion is safe is to treat the animal the same way you would treat a human. As one of the island’s most popular dog groomers, Quirk remains booked up months in advance. Hannah Swan is a dog owner and she is vigilant about keeping her goldendoodle, Maddie, safe all year long, not just in summer. Chief Gerard Julian of Paqtnkek First Nation, left, attends the 2010 Mi'kmaq Treaty Day awards ceremony at Province House in Halifax with Chief Terry Paul and Chief Morley Googoo.
The provincial government is breaking commitments it made about the construction of a new jail in Pictou County, says the co-chairman of the Nova Scotia Assembly of Mi’kmaq Chiefs.
Since work on the $30-million project started at the site near Coalburn, just one small contract has gone to a First Nations company.

When the site of the new 100-cell jail was first announced, First Nations and government officials were at odds over consultation guidelines, which native leaders said were not followed. The first contract, awarded to a company from Pictou Landing, was for clearing the construction site.
Nicole Watkins Campbell, a provincial Aboriginal Affairs spokeswoman, said the pre-qualified bidder selection was based on a company’s ability to handle the next phase of construction, she said.
Possible work opportunities for Mi’kmaq workers would only be identified after the tender is awarded, said Watkins Campbell. Watkins Campbell said the province will work with First Nations communities to identify people who can work at the jail, companies that can provide services to the jail and cultural programming opportunities once it opens. Most parents have experienced their young children getting restless when waiting for a meal in a restaurant.
But not many get the bill at the end of it with a message describing their offspring as a 'little f*****'. This is what happened to parents Craig and Kimberley Cartin at a Mexican restaurant in Halifax, West Yorkshire, where they received the receipt which had 'Thankyyou littell f*****' written on it. The couple believe her mild protests triggered the shocking comment - despite being seated in the advertised 'kids' zone'. Parked cars can be a hazard to a dog’s health and well-being, especially when you consider that on a 25 C day, the temperature inside a parked car can soar to between 38 and 49 C in just minutes. She is the owner of the Blue Daisy Pet Salon in Bras d’Or and has been an animal lover since she was a child. She said overall she is pleased with how most people take care of their four-legged friends.

The dog will drink to cool themselves down and they will take in more water when they are warm,” she explained. If a groomer detects something out of the norm while they’re clipping or bathing your pet, they will recommend that the pet owner visit the veterinarian.
Her customers come from all over Cape Breton and speak highly of her work and her commitment to keeping pets safe. The Assembly threatened legal action but relented after it was suggested First Nations companies would be involved in the project. Since then, Julian said, tender packages were released to seven pre-qualified bidders while no such opportunities have been identified for Mi’kmaq companies. Quirk said that it’s up to the pet owner to know if and when their dog needs to be clipped, but she said there are certain breeds that need to be clipped more often than just in the summer. We see birds everyday,in our backyard, when we are out for a walk, or when we are trying to eat a snack at a park, but we never stop and look at how beautiful these animals really are.
It’s never advised to use ice or cold water, and be extra careful not to overcool the animal.

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