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As of June 1, a new car insurance policy in Ontario will provide less coverage as a result of an accident. Car insurance premiums have come down in Ontario this year, but less welcome is that youa€™re going to have less coverage in a standard policy if you get into an accident. Ita€™s the tradeoff of the Ontario Liberala€™s have made as part of their unfulfilled promise to push auto insurance rates down. Ita€™s another piece of the Liberal pledge made two years ago when they were a minority government and picked up as a campaign promise in the election that gave them a majority. The Liberals get credit for legislation in the past two years that may help eventually reach the goal. The June 1 changes mean your insurer is on the hook for less in accident benefits so policy costs can drop a bit.
Under the current rules, youa€™re entitled to $86,000 for treatment for non-catastrophic accidents. The Insurance Bureaua€™s Celyeste Power, says the new accident benefits are still the most generous in Canada.
Power says insurance costs should continue to fall as the effects of the anti-fraud and other rules take effect.
This benefit change is one reason why the average Ontario insurance renewal dropped 3 per cent in the first quarter of the year, according to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO).

We increasingly live in a cafeteria-style world where we now pay to check luggage on flights or pay extra to choose a seat in advance. Schedule service chevy service preston hood chevrolet, Car service and oil change in pensacola and ft. Yes, rates are slowly coming down, but to pay for it, insurers are being allowed to reduce the amount they pay you for accident benefits.
They said they would reduce the cost of insuring a car in Ontario by 15 per cent by August, 2015. Nine months after that deadline has passed wea€™re two-thirds of the way there at the 10 per cent mark. Theya€™ve cracked down on insurance fraud and accelerated the process to settle disputed accident claims.
It reduces the maximum benefit insurers must pay for accidents, including medical treatments, rehab services and attendant care. The average GTA driver pays $2,203 a year to insure a car, according to the latest figures from the Insurance Bureau of Canada.
My insurer is Scottish & York, a member of the Aviva group of companies and so I called to get the low down. Other provinces do not require any basic catastrophic coverage, she says, so even by reducing them Ontarians have a benefit not included elsewhere.

Our competitively-priced driving program provides you with the instruction you need to secure your drivera€™s licence.
Insurers have long argued that Ontarioa€™s payment schedule is the most generous in Canada and contributes to our higher insurance costs. An agent estimates it will cost me $145 a year, or 10 per cent of my current policy, to maintain coverage. With more than 50 companies selling car insurance in Ontario, therea€™s more competition than you think. It also serves as the final step in Nova Scotiaa€™s graduated drivera€™s licensing (GDL) system, so if youa€™re looking to leave this newly-licensed driver stage, enrolling in our course is an important first step!
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