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Way to unlock: You need to complete Main mission 30 (Scouting the Port) and choose the Offshore attack towards its end.
Additional information: This one is not a fully fledged mission, but rather an additional activity.
Develop one of Michael's skills to its maximum valueKeep completing an exercise after another, best until the moment when Michael's pilotage skills are developed to the maximum level, i.e. Passo 2: Assicuratevi ora di salvare il gioco dopo aver raccolto il denaro, caricate il salvataggio per far riapparire di nuovo la valigetta nello stesso punto. Controllate bene il video, i soldi con la prima valigia vanno a 149743, ma con la seconda scendono a 147743!!!
Listed below are the locations throughout Liberty City where you can find a helicopter in Grand Theft Auto IV. This Annihilator helicopter with mini machine guns is in the northern part of the Francis International Airport in Dukes.  Careful though, entering the airport will give you four stars.

This special Helitours Maverick helicopter is part of the tours that you can take around the city, on Xbox 360 taking all of them unlocks an achievement, and is located on the southern bank on the eastern side in Fishmarket South, Algonquin. This Maverick helicopter is on the western bank of Algonquin in Westminster stationed at the end of a cement walkway that has a helicopter landing zone in a square and there is a large building behind it. This Annihilator helicopter equipped with mini machine guns is in the northeastern part of Algonquin in East Holland on top of the police station on a helicopter pad. Keep an eye out for more GTAV info in the weeks ahead, including a new trailer and a look at the PC version’s powerful new Rockstar Editor for making your own original custom videos. If you, at the moment of completing the main mission connected with the examination of the freighter, Michael's flying skills were at an insufficient level, during the conversation with Trevor he will learn that he needs to work some more on it.
Non e un codice da immettere durante il gioco ma una procedura da seguire, tra l’altro non eccessivamente laboriosa e alla portata di tutti. Once you have unlocked all three islands helicopters will begin appearing throughout the video game in specific areas throughout the map.  Where to find a helicopter by location is listed below.

Go past the security gates and into the station, climb four flights of stairs and you will be at the top, walk outside and the helicopter is sitting on top of this platform. After you complete the Minisub and Cargobob missions, an option to start a new heist should become available. Pop the pilot in the dome and you will be commandeer this heli, or if a tour is not being offered you can simply hijack it.
Note - you can find a detailed description of the Flight School in the GTA V - maps and collectibles guide.

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