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Have you ever wondered what a mid-size hybrid sedan would be like if it had the ride and handling of a Sixties Cadillac: big, soft, and wallowy? All told, Toyota makes 23 different hybrid passenger vehicles for its various markets--many of which we never see in the United States. One of those is the Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Hybrid, a large, traditional, rear-wheel-drive four-door sedan sold in Japan and a few other countries. The Crown occupies a special place in the Japanese car market, in which fully two-thirds of the sales are tiny minicars limited to engines of 660cc.
Owning and driving a Toyota Crown is a status symbol and a sign of achievement for dignified "older gentlemen" in Japan, as one Toyota executive delicately put it.
While there is a model of the Crown named the Athleta, with sportier ride and handling, it's not very popular. Instead, the hushed ride, ultra-soft suspension, and huge Escalade-sized chrome crown on the grille of the 16-foot-long car all signify prestige to buyers whose average age is now in the mid- to late 60s.
There's optional leather upholstery, of course, but apparently the "premium fabric" interior is considered preferable. Even the startup sound conveys the car's status: It's a rich, symphonic, multi-tone greeting that plays throughout the cabin over the car's many speakers. Underneath, the Crown Royal Saloon rides on Lexus GS running gear--but with very, very different tuning for its suspension. That means it's powered by a 3.5-liter Atkinson Cycle V-6 paired to a beefy version of the Hybrid Synergy Drive system, with a total powertrain output of roughly 340 horsepower. More than 70 percent of Crown Royals are now the hybrid model, though there's a regular gasoline option as well. We took a right-hand-drive test car on a 12-mile journey through suburban Michigan during the Toyota Hybrid World Tour event this week.
It's heavy enough that it's hard to keep the car in electric mode when accelerating from rest, but the hybrid system works smoothly and drops into regeneration and all-electric mode whenever possible--and it's unnoticeable unless you're watching the power gauge.

Under full acceleration, there's some engine noise from the long nose of the car, but it feels removed and isolated from the cabin--as if the mechanical effort was being exerted some distance away.
And it's been a very long time since we've been able to feel a test car heel over on the sidewalls of its tall tires, as the body yaws and the mechanical components soak up every ripple and bounce on varied Michigan two-lane roads. So there you have it: If you want the world's only "Hybrid Brougham," just buy a plane ticket to Japan. Toyota provided airfare, lodging, and meals to enable High Gear Media to attend the Toyota Hybrid World Tour event and bring you this first-person report.
Since 2011, French Company Ciel & Terre has been developing large-scale floating solar solutions. AORA Solar has announced that it will begin construction of its solar-biogas power plants in Ethiopia. Since 2008, the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) has been working hard to develop technologies to transmit electricity wirelessly.
Home Inspector Bill Barber recently created an excellent infographic that details how solar panels can power homes and help the environment at the same time.
Do you know who is the most competent solar power expert, according to a research team from Tel Aviv University?
Think of the earthquake that happened at Tahiti, or havoc-provoking typhoons like Katrina; or the recent plane crash that took so many lives. Yes, as of 2011, The Empire State Building, one of the world’s largest buildings has achieved the distinction of becoming the largest buyer of green renewable wind power. Newer and more exciting devices are being invented to harness renewable energy – especially solar energy. Over the years, thanks to the devoted research work going on for increasing the efficiency of solar cells, today solar cells are no longer flat shaped or unyielding.
A German owned company IMO has set-up a plant in USA that will make the largest solar tracker solar panels to tap solar energy.

If you have opted for a wireless keyboard you know the importance of rechargeable batteries and a wall charger.
MIT researchers are hopeful of capturing and releasing solar energy with the help of thermo-chemical technology. The United States of America will now produce clear power that can light up as many as 11000 to 277500 homes in the country. Prominent corporations are paying special attention to go green and create a conducive environment for clean and green energy. New and unique ways of making solar panels more efficient in power generation are coming to light every day.
A southern California University team has come up with what could be the alternative new breed of economical and flexible solar cells. International Green Energy Expo Korea 2010 was chosen as the venue where SunPods SP-300 was first displayed. We wouldn't want to drive a Crown Royal daily--for that reason--but it was hugely entertaining to test.
This is done by using solar panels, which are large flat panels made up of many individual solar cells.
Researchers at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland may be discovering the answer, thanks to advancing solar and 3D printing technologies.
It is most often used in remote locations, although it is becoming more popular in urban areas as well.

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