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Ginger Spelling and Grammar Keyboard is the only app that helps users write high-quality text in English. You can also easily correct spelling typos, grammar errors and misused words with a single click! It’s the only English grammar checker and spell checker online that will not only correct every text you write, but also suggest better phrases to your text. Correct and enhance your text messages, Whatsapp messages, Gmail and Outlook emails, and even social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter and more – Ginger’s grammar and spell check keyboard is the only app that understands your terminology, names and even slang! The keyboard’s revolutionary user interface maximizes your mobile productivity anywhere and anytime, and is the best way to communicate on your Android! Unlike text-correction software in which you need to copy and paste your texts into another app proofread them, the Ginger Keyboard contextually understands your writing and then corrects your mistakes and enhances your texts while on the move.
The Keyboard can be integrated with any Android device – no need to download any additional software! Download Ginger’s free online grammar checker (grammar check) and spell checker (spell check) Keyboard!
English and grammar teachers love to tell their students to use the active voice because it tends to make sentences shorter, clearer, and more impactful.
Whether a sentence is active or passive depends on the relationship between the verb and the subject.
In the passive voice, the subject is switched, so the object of the active sentence becomes the subject of the passive sentence.
However, in the passive voice, the subject is switched, so the object of the active sentence becomes the subject in the passive. A passive voice can create confusion; it often disrupts rhythm and makes a sentence harder to understand. Evidence was presented to support the idea that homelessness is experienced by more than 600,000 people.
A talk was given by the college professor; she cited a paper that said homelessness went down last year. By changing the subject of the sentence to the doer of the action (the college professor), we get a simple, easy to read statement. Here’s a list of 3 grammar checker apps for Android which can be used to check for grammar and spelling mistakes when writing text on Android.
English Grammar Spell Checker is a spell checker app that’s gonna analyze text that you type into it and report back if there are any grammar related errors.
Grammar error checker means that the app will check for mistakes like misused tenses, verbs, nouns, etc. Google Keyboard has been put on this list because it too has a great spell checking functionality, which will work in real time, as you type. Out of all the apps listed above, the best grammar and spelling checker app, at least in my opinion is Ginger, the keyboard from the top of the list. A simple set of bookmarks showing key images for writing reminder prompts such as: capital letters, full stops and correct letter formation - all in a handy bookmark size. The grammar of any language, irrespective of its national or regional identity, forms the foundation of the language.
Naturally, in the academic career, grammar plays a key role in deciding the quality of answers of the students as well as their grade points. Grammar is the logical thread of the writing and if a student fails to use perfect grammar, the entire writing could be turned out to be ambiguous before the examiners.
However, it has been found, that the grammatical concepts of the students are either not very strong or they commit some mechanical mistakes in grammar, and these mistakes usually take a toll on their academic performance, by affecting the quality of their assignments, homework or research papers. In writing, it is always suggested to use the active voice to give the presentation more professional look. Sometimes, some sentences when combined in an effective manner gives your writing a form of fluency and makes the entire representation brief and concise.
In fact it has been found that the best performers, in their respective fields, are all excellent in using grammar properly while communicating their written message to the intended audience.
Proper use of punctuations and grammar are very important in today’s competitive market to make sentences more clear.
In the above example, “I went walking” and “I saw a swan” are both independent clauses, and “and” is a coordinating conjunction that connects them. Commas or punctuations are the part of grammar whose proper use can make your writing more attractive and impressive. A conjunction is a word that is used to connect words, clauses or phrases or we can say conjunctions are gluing words. If you are not taking help from online grammar checker, you need to be very careful while using conjunctions. Grammar is a set of language rules that you use to create phrases and sentences that convey some meaning. Types of adverbs: • Adverbs of time • Adverbs of place • Adverbs of manner Most of the students dread about grammar.
Students, scholars, businessmen or writers ought to know that grammar has gone beyond the basics.
By reading your original sentence, readers will not get an intense feeling of fear and you will fail in enticing more readers.
By using best online proofreading service or grammar check service, you can be sure that your document will be ready or polished for submission to your university. After performance of all these functions by editors, students or any individual can present 100% correct document. Grammatical mistakes in written English are annoying whether they are minor or major and it affects your reputation.

From the following examples you may know about some common mistakes which you have probably done. Proof Read My File provides online grammar check service, online editing service, proofreading service through which you can remove these kinds of common grammatical errors and can present flawless document. Rely it or not, you are only judged by your grammar skills whether you are a businessmen or research scholar. If a paper, essay, assignment or any document is not proofread meticulously before it is turned in, a document that may have deserved an “A” grade may earn “D” just because of minor mistakes such as misspelled words, misplaced commas or full stops, improper homophone. Unclear or poor communication is the biggest dilemma caused by using incorrect grammar when writing or speaking.
Proof Read My File provides online grammar check services, online editing services and proofreading services for fulfillment of your needs.
SENTENCE REPHRASER – Easily enhance your text using suggestions only with the Ginger keyboard. Census Bureau becomes the subject who drives the estimation of the number of homeless people. Here, the passive voice creates a clunky break that requires a semicolon to keep the sentence grammatically correct. So when we talk about passive versus active voices, keep in mind that either voice can work, depending on the situation. Instantly improve your writing today with PaperRater’s FREE electronic spelling, grammar, word choice, vocabulary and style grades! The keyboard will not only make word suggestions, this is something that most Android keyboard apps do, it will actually scan the text that you already typed and report back if you made a spelling error or a grammar error.
The app will also recommend alternative expressions, in other words it will check for context of the text and make suggestions, in case there’s a better way to write a certain sentence. The only small drawback of this grammar checker app is that it requires an active internet connection in order for it to work.
Ginger has the best combination of tools which will make sure that you never again misspell a word, both grammar and spelling checkers are available for you to use. There are various aspects which you have to check to make, your assignments, homework or the research papers, free from any grammatical errors before submitting those to the examiners. Very often it is found that students use tenses arbitrarily which make their presentations unprofessional and logically incorrect. But very often students are found to use the passive voice instead of the active voice, even when it is possible. Proofreaders will help you to achieve this fluency by identifying the sentences which you can combine to make your presentation smooth and more precise. While doing your academic work, it is true that you may not have enough expertise to make your written communication grammatically accurate. Too many commas might be distracting; too few might make the sentences unclear and difficult to read. Various online grammar checker tools are available in market through which you can check your writing so that your draft and document can sound error free or impressive.
When people think about conjunction, a very common three words spring in their mind and these words are and, but, and or. In other words it can be said that it joins an adjective with another adjective, noun with another noun, an adverb with another adverb, etc. You should revise your work after writing so that you can correct each and every minor error and can present flawless essays, assignments and reports to your organization. Example:” Throw the ball to me” is a sentence in English but “Ball the me to throw” is not a sentence.
As competition is very high in every field, you can achieve higher grades by having a proper knowledge of grammar. It is very essential for everyone that they should have a good knowledge of adverbs in grammar. But if you use human services for grammar checking, they will easily catch and edit the mistake in first sentence. If your writing skills are strong, it can easily depict horror scene in reader’s mind otherwise your intended message will not be delivered. If you want to captivate number of readers, you can submit your story or document at Proof Read My File for using grammar check services. Some minor grammatical errors or spellings you generally ignore and remain unnoticed while you are writing, this ignorance affects your designation adversely. You can submit your essays or assignments to us for proofreading at any time, day or night. An email, letter, research papers, dissertations, reports or any document may be the first impression of your firm or organization. A homophone is a word that sounds like another but is spelled differently and means something different.
The more we are aware of how much it is important, the more we can monitor or understand the meaning and effectiveness of the way we and others use language.
If you want to say that you want a pen, a paper or some other thing, first sentence will be used. If you are applying for a job and you have your resume with lots of grammatical errors, a company recruiter may see you as less intelligent than a candidate who has similar skills. If you found any app is not freeware, Trial or Ad supported please contact us and app will be removed shortly.
Also, because the subject, the evidence, doesn’t perform any action, the sentence is inherently confusing. Sentence rhythm and structure will feel stilted and repetitive, especially when each sentence is focused only on the drivers of action.

Around 40 languages are supported and the app requires registration (Facebook login available). Grammar is another thing that will be checked and corrected, scratch that, predicted by the Google Keyboard.
English Grammar Spelling Checker, the second app from the top, is also interesting, but it has a small handicap in that you need to type the text you need to check into the app, and it only then checks for possible grammar errors. The more you are perfect in using right grammar at the right place in your writing, the more will be the clarity and objectivity of your message.
However, we will be discussing about the essence of grammar in case of college or university students, who are required to write various assignments and homework topics, given by their institutes. For checking these grammatical aspects of your writing you should have strong grammatical concept. The language experts of these organizations can simply make your written piece of work completely error free before submitting the same to the examiners. Proofreaders, with their year long experience and expertise, will help you to make your writing completely free from inconsistent use of tenses.
The proofreaders will help you to identify those sentences which could be written using active voice rather than a passive one. But at the same time, you do have the services of the professional proofreaders to make your work free from any grammatical errors.
You can write perfect document by keep practising or grammar check online can help you in making perfect and impressive essays, assignments and documents. If anyone has a doubt related to adverbs in their documents, they can use grammar check online services of Proof Read My File. There is a huge difference between your ordinary writing and professional grammar checker’s writing. In companies, business or organization you can stand out of crowd only by writing and submitting error free reports, dissertations or documents. You obviously know that a single or minor mistake involving a comma or a full stop can portray an unprofessional image and may spell disaster for your business. If you are not using proper homophones, it will change whole meaning of a sentence and may ruin your business.
However, if you want to tell your friend that you already have everything you need, the second one will be used. If you are working at MNC and presenting presentation which is not looking professional, you won’t gain anything.
By using these Android Grammar checker apps, that someone can be your Android phone or tablet, whichever one you have. As you know, the keyboard will make word suggestions based on the words that you already typed.
This can be a little bit tiresome, setting up text inside the app but if you’re not easily discouraged, and would like to give our grammar apps a try, English Grammar Spelling Checker might also be for you. The way of conveying your message with unambiguous and grammatically perfect writing is the essence of written communication. The performance in the college or university level, cast a direct impact on the forthcoming professional career of the students. Moreover, usually various parts of the assignments or research papers should use different tenses consistently. While taking their service to make your assignments or research papers flawless, you can also learn from them how to use grammar to improve the quality of your writing and, that lesson will help you a lot to communicate your message in the most proficient manner in the forthcoming future. While writing you may not aware about your grammatical or spelling errors but when you revise it after one or two hours, you will definitely find some errors.
They edit sentences according to the need by removing all grammatical and spelling errors, by replacing common words with new ones and by arranging sentences in systematic order.
It is very general and common that we avoid or ignore some minor mistakes in grammar or think that they are not so much important or who  will  going to notice these minor mistakes, however, this not the truth.
Proof Read My File is here with its best online proofreading service which ensures you that your writing is meticulously checked by at least 2 of our experts to make sure there aren’t any errors at all. Let’s define the active and passive voices, then discuss some potential problems with passive writing. Grammar check is not only important for these students but also for the students who write research papers to get PhD or other higher degrees.
This means, it may happen that you are using present tense consistently while discussing your main body whereas, use of past tense is appropriate for the conclusion. Everyone detests documents which are ridden with grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. Syntactical errors are fixed, grammatical errors are corrected and your document is checked for good style and flow, both of which are essential for good and impressive reading. Proofreaders will help you to ensure that you put perfect tenses consistently in different parts of the assignments or research papers so as to make those more meaningful. Your writing style should be so attractive and impressive that can mesmerize everyone in a very first attempt.
Therefore, it has become necessary in every field that your document is written with perfect English.
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