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One of these pesky pairs that causes the most spelling problems is the combination of ‘which’ and ‘witch’; two words that sound the same but have completely different meanings. Which is by far the more commonly used of the two words, so for a start, it is helpful to remember that this is most likely to be the spelling you need! TOP TIP: A quick way to check whether this version of ‘which’ is being used is to see if the word ‘that’ would roughly fit in the sentence – if it would, this is probably the correct usage. One of the most common spelling mistakes involving the word ‘which’ is to mistakenly insert it in the word ‘sandwich’ as this hapless restaurant owner has mistakenly done! In many ways, the word ‘witch’ is much easier to define than ‘which’, as it is a noun, and simply has one, clear meaning.

TOP TIP: The simplest way of telling the difference between these two words is to check whether you are talking about a ‘witch’ or sorceress.
Unfortunately the poor subtitle typist working on this Australian bush fire story got the wrong end of the stick: we think what was actually said was probably “…controlled burning, which will save bush fires in future…” Oops!
One of the references to its origin is the Gullah community, a sizeable group of former African slaves who settled in the regions along the coast of South Carolina and Georgia.  I first encounted the Gullah people on the island of St. You'll notice pretty quickly that my purpose is to expose words and phrases that are common to our speech and printing in American English. These groups of words often cause a great deal of trouble with spelling, as people know which meaning of the word they want to use, but just can’t remember which is the correct spelling to go with it!

A great quick grammar guide tip is to check whether there should be a comma immediately before the word.
They successfully completed “The Apprentice” style game and thankfully they were not fired! To make matters worse, although writing the wrong homophone will mean that you have spelt the word incorrectly, it will still be the correct spelling of the other word, so the mistake won’t be picked up by an electronic spelling and grammar check.

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