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Military High-hood, flat fenders, based on the CJ-3B, built in quantity alongside the CJ-3B, but for export only. The Go Devil 134.2 Jeep Engine The power and torque of the L-Head engine is one of the main reasons why Willys won the contract with the War Department beating out the Bantam BRC40 and the Ford GP.
Different: FRAME, BODY TUB, SHOCKS, STEERING BOX, STEERING LINKAGE, AXLES, And All sorts of extra parts need to have all 4 wheels steer. The Willys GO Devil engine out-performed the engines used in the Ford and Bantam prototype jeeps.
The L-Head engines uses a cast iron block and cylinder head with 3 main bearings and mechanical lifters.
By 1960, Willys had built 2,452 mules, and an additional 1,905 more mules between 1962 and 1964.

The engine is called an L-Head is because the valves for the intake and exhaust are in the block. Solkysst, eldig (14% alkohol) men balanserad, valpepprad och passabel pa stor familjemiddag med buffe. From 1964 to 1970 several other manufacturers also built the Mule with similar but different engines because U.S.
Pour arriver ici, rien de plus simple, les internautes amateurs de jeux et jouets ont recherche par exemple cette excellente offre SUPER ALKALINE BOX 24 AA GP. This design gave Willys the advantage of having a relatively lower profile than other engines. Part of the War Dept.'s specifications called for the vehicle to have a low silhouette to avoid detection by the enemy. SUPER ALKALINE BOX 24 AA GP a bas prix, mais egalement une large offre piles vous sont accessibles a prix moins cher sur Cdiscount !

Ansprakslost och lattdrucket, prova garna med marinerade revbensspjall eller karre pa grillen vid vackert vader, i ugnen om det mulnar pa". The performance specifications are slightly different between civilian and military motors presumably due to carburetor, crankshafts, and compression differences between the engines. 1944: Willys-Overland experiments with its 1st Civilian Jeep by modifying a few military MB jeeps. 1945: Willys-Overland begins producing the Civilian Jeep (CJ) line, when it introduces the CJ2A model, and ceases MB military jeep production.

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