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It was agreed with representatives of the MVR industry, through the MVR Forum, that arm locking systems should be fitted toA all these lifts. ThisA advice emphasizes the importance of daily checks on the locking mechanismsA and other critical parts of 2-post lifts. In addition there are several basic safety measures that you should take when using 2-post lifts. Lifting plant and equipment can cause accidents if they are used unsafely or poorly maintained. Make sure the floor and fixings meet the lift manufacturer's specification - if in doubt get specialist advice! A and Risk of vehicles falling off two-post vehicle lifts in motor vehicle repair (MVR)A for more information on two post lift safety). Vehicle lifts should be thoroughly examined periodically by a competent person, who should issue aA 'Report of Thorough Examination'. If there is no prop fitted or if one is fitted but you are unsure it will be effective, then provide your own additional support.

Don't try to adjust the ride height of air suspension for the purpose of recovery or repair.
For more information on working under buses and coaches fitted with air suspension see Safe recovery (and repair) of buses and coaches fitted with air suspension. A mechanic was replacing a gearbox with a car raised on a hydraulic trolley jack and two wheel removal jacks. A trainee HGV fitter, working with an experienced mechanic, was fatally crushed when an HGV slipped from a hydraulic jack. Two men were using a chain block suspended from a gantry to remove an engine from a vehicle. A worker was standing at the end of a raised four post lift and pulled the car towards him.
An HGV recovery fitter was crushed to death under the air-lifted axle of a tractor unit he was attempting to rescue from the roadside. The advice follows two accidents, one fatal and the other very serious, in which vehicles falling off this type of lift struck mechanics working below.

Therefore, any remaining 2-post lifts without arm locking should now have been taken out of use or scrapped. One way in which businesses can help assure themselves that a lift is installed correctly is by using installation engineers who are accredited - The Garage Equipment Association (GEA) operate a one such lift engineer accreditation scheme.
As one turned his back on the raised load, the other moved the gantry, which fell onto his colleagues head, killing him. Both rear nearside wheels and one offside wheel had been removed and he was in the process of jacking it up when it fell onto his head and chest, killing him.
There were no end-stops on the lift and he was unable to stop the car falling off the lift onto him.

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