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At Construmat this year, the international building and construction trade fair held in Barcelona every two years, the Government of Catalonia presented their project "34 kg of CO2", along side Casa Barcelona.
The announcement comes just one week after the government launched a separate investigation concerning the Honda Pilot. According to officials, defective brakes may be deployed without the driver stepping on the pedal. There have been no crashes or injuries reported associated with the problem, but numerous complaints have been waged.
The government probe began in April after receiving a request from an owner, according to the NHTSA. Friday’s probe comes less than one week after the NHTSA announced a separate Honda Pilot safety investigation due to roll away risks.
Unlike the brake investigation, there were 16 crashes reported in relation to the roll away probe.
Aside from the pair of investigations, Honda also issued a recall last week on model year 2004 to 2005 Honda Pilot SUVs. Sign-up to our email newsletter for daily perspectives on car design, trends, events and news, not found elsewhere.
Jeff Hanks or better know on Facebook as Rude Hank, with the help of Chris Martin (Hemi Chris) and Kevin Ward have teamed up with the national car club mopar360!!
34 kg is the exact quantity of CO2 that was emitted in order to make one of the book with the same title. Since the investigation is ongoing, the NHTSA has not determined a solution to the problem.
In fact, Honda and the NHTSA have received 205 complaints regarding the Pilot brake problem.
One Honda Pilot owner reported that his SUV unexpectedly stopped three times, one of which was on a highway.

Last week’s investigation concerned model year 2003 to 2004 Pilot SUVs as well as 2003 to 2004 Honda Odyssey minivans. In one serious incident, a Honda Odyssey owner was actually run over by his vehicle after putting in it park.
In total, 820,000 Pilot and model year 2002 to 2003 Honda Civic vehicles were recalled due to headlight failure.
So the questions the project addresses are: If 1.050 grams of paper produce 34 kg of CO2, how much does my car emit? However, investigators did state that they are examining the Pilot’s computer controlled system that is supposed to stop the vehicle in emergency situations. The driver brought his vehicle to the mechanics after each occurrence, but the problem could not be duplicated.
Affected vehicles may suffer headlight malfunction while driving, which greatly increases the risk of a crash, according to the NHTSA. Some of the sex workers are under eighteen and are totally forbidden to show their identity outside.
If investigators determine that the issue is serious enough, Honda will be forced to recall affected vehicles, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Honda says it’s assisting with the NHTSA investigation and launching an independent probe of its own. And how can we build and construct in a more sustainable manner?What 34 kg of CO2 is all aboutWritten by Toni Solanas, Dani Calatayud and Coque Claret, the book 34 kg of CO2 addresses the causes of climate change as one of the main threats to the planet's health. Looking at ways to measure and reduce our day to day impact on the environment, Life Cycle Analysis and ecological footprint calculations have been used to measure to what level our lifestyles affect the planet and the environment we live in.
The profession has made them free from poverty with the price of giving up freedom over their bodies. For the book, 46 experts from the fields of architecture, biology, economy and other disciplines have worked together to visualise our impact on the planet and to come up with creative proposals to create a different culture, for a more sustainable society.The book starts with the question: Where do we come from?

This chapter explains everything from the Big bang to the Industrial revolution and a history of the occupation of land. It addresses what sustainable and unsustainable mean, and talks about economy versus ecology. The book shows how unsustainablility can be measured by giving examples of Life Cycle Analysis of construction material. A traditional clay brick for example emits 184 kg of CO2; 278 m2 of territory, 1390 kg of biomass, and 19,7 litres of fuel during its life.
Create your slideshowBy using the code above and embedding this image, you consent to Getty Images' Terms of Use. Great visuals show the results of CO2 emissions for food and construction material, transport modes, different cities and countries.How the 34 kg of CO2 each book emits have been measured The ecological footprint of the book has been measured under the criteria of Rees and Wackernagel. Direct impact such as printing and bookbinding, indirect impacts related to the paper and the functioning of the printing press, as well as those tasks that had to do with creating the content for the book have been taken into account in order to calculate its CO2 emissions.
The trees felled have also been taken into account, due to the fact that they stop taking CO2 out of the atmosphere for the next 70 years (until new trees have grown), as well as the manufacturing of the paper, including the air conditioning of the factory and the proportional manufacturing of the machines involved. Transport of materials played a big role as well as all the energy consumed by the people who worked on the book: part of their diet, transport, living, offices, etc. The 34 kg don't include the transportation after the manufacturing, because it depends where it is being used afterwards. For example, if it arrives in Seville, 0,46 kg need to be added, but if it would be read in New York, 12,78 kg would have to be added. The eco-neighbourhoods Vauban in Freiburg (Germany), Viikki in Helsinki (Finland) and the Anell Verd in Spain are just a few of the example featured in the book.All in all a great book, full of graphs and figures, with plenty of interviews by experts and citizens with ideas.

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