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All data is provided for entertainment purposes only, is subject to change without notice and is provided without warranty of any kind. Casting numbers on the Gen I cylinder heads are cast in the heads where the rocker arms and valve springs do their work. The GM small block was specifically designed as a compact sized engine to embrace the economical use of iron and to streamline the production process. The first small block with a 4 inch bore came in the ’62 Corvette 327, and it really opened eyes.

The double hump heads continued to be a favorite with performance minded enthusiasts into the new millennium.
High performance enthusiasts separated the stock Gen I heads into closed chamber and open chamber heads. Part of the design process that was carried through to the Gen III design in 1997 was to create lightweight rocker arms for higher rpm operation, wedge combustion chambers for a broader power band, and deliver 4.4 inch bore centers (from the center of one bore to the center of the next bore). These were commonly called “Fuelie” heads because they were released with mechanical Rochester fuel injection on the stock engines.

The only difference between the two casting numbers was that the #3782461 featured 160cc intake port, 62cc exhaust port and the #3782461X had the larger 172cc intake port, 64cc exhaust port.

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