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I visited the showroom, spoke to the service manager, and to my complete surprise, he says, he wont fit any accessory which is not ford approved from his service centre. As you may see from my previous posts in the thread, had booked a Tit(O) EcoBoost within a week of launch, and given an expected delivery time of about 3 months. A few days back, my dad calls the manager there, and the usual reply that they haven't gotten any EcoBoost yet and no idea when they will. Also, they told that our car is here and the company won't be making any more of these and the production is stopping.
As ridiculous as it may sound(Of course I know), has any of the guys also heard something like this? Originally Posted by arunphilip Ford doesn't run their engines in the plant, according to GTO's tour of the Ford plant (PICS : Ford's Chennai Factory.
Originally Posted by himanshuchadha Took delivery of my MarsRed EcoSport Titanium Diesel on 27th September. So, them giving you a 7 character VIN is fine - you can determine the month of manufacture from it, and this is how they will refer to your car in unofficial documentation (official ones will have the full 17 characters). Finally, your Duke looks like its the offspring of the EcoSport and the Figo - those colours all seem to tie in!
Originally Posted by bagha Got them from saddles in bangalore.I have been assured that they have taken care of the air bags by providing a weak stitching in that area.
Re: Ford EcoSport : Official Review Has anybody got the leather seat covers from Karlsson's in bangalore for their Ford Ecosport ? I had been depending on the Falcon to get me by while Studie was stranded with transmission issues.
After driving the Falcon to my house from a couple blocks away (Davey started right up!) and giving him a bath, I opened the hood. Vintage TorqueFest 2014 — Dubuque, Iowa Fairgrounds May 2 – 4 Hot Rods Driven Hard… The Way It Was Intended!!
Throughout the year OMTA gets numerous inquiries from riders who have an ATV or dirt bike that does not have a title, or are considering buying one and the seller does not have a title.
There is a process for having a title issued for older machines, as long as it has not already been done. If the seller has simply lost the paper copy, but it was transferred to their name, they can go to their local title office and get a duplicate for about $10, and it takes about 10 minutes.  If they never transferred it into their name they must go to the last owner and get them to procure a duplicate. Second, you may want to get your machine registered to use Ohio’s growing public off road trail systems.
Insurance is another issue, insurance companies may not issue a policy if you do not have a title, or may deny a future claim if they find out you are not the legal owner.

Yeah, but the guy selling this 1999-current machine says he will give me a bill of sale and it will be easy for me to get a title, and it’s so cool, and a good deal, and I really want it, and, and…!!!!!!! Told him that, first tell me the VIN and then all the documents will be dealt with, which he agreed. My Dad was performing surgery, so a staff person jotted down the message.couldn't ask the caller any questions.
It isn't big and I am attaching a picture of the bold Mars Red elder sister with a subtle Sea Grey Figo. Then I remembered what I had read in my original 1960 Ford Falcon shop manual about all the information the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) tells you.
But…what I didn’t know was that Davey was built in Lorain, Ohio on October 1st, 1960!! But I’m very excited to get the chance to dive into this engine and do some learning – and getting to know Davey better! What sort of projects have been sitting around your place too long that need to be brought into the garage?? Many Ohio riders are unaware of the fact that ATVs and dirt bikes have a Certificate of Title, just like a car or truck. If they have no way to contact the previous owner it will be nearly impossible to procure a title. Both ODNR and Wayne National Forest, as well as some private parks, require the machine have a current registration and insurance to be used on the trails. After reading all that information above you still believe it will be easy to get a title if the seller does not have it? The above picture was taken at the last event, and come to think of it the only event, Davey ever attended – the Mooneyes 2010 Summer Show. Falcon had been giving me worries and semi-breaking down for a couple of weeks by the time Stude had gotten back on the road. After I had been driving for awhile (say on the freeway for 25 minutes) – the engine would die as soon as I came to a stop. The title is the legal documentation that proves you are the owner.  If someone is selling an ATV or dirt bike and they cannot produce the title, something is wrong! If it turns out that they come looking for the machine and they have the title, you could have lost your money at best, or face criminal charges at worst. The above picture was taken in October 2010 before I had a garage and had to find crafty ways to comfortably work! I was so happy to have my Stude back, and busy with a million other things in life, that Davey just sat… and sat some more. Even though I waited way too long, I think the time is just right to dive into putting Davey back on the road – even better then before!

You will get a slip of paper from the BMV which you must then take to your local motor vehicle title office.
Ford is exporting EcoSports with the EcoBoost (ie they import the engine, build the car, and export the product) from India.
I intended to bring the Falcon over to my garage months ago, but it never seemed to happen. I had added a temperature gauge that worked, but it showed the temp didn’t seem to be the problem. Explain that you have a pre-1999 ATV or dirt bike that never had a title, and you need to have one issued. Why would they stop making the model I was talking to a source at Ford today who said that surprisingly the EcoBoost, despite being a petrol had solid demand.
Could you please share the cost of the dolphin seat covers and whether they dismantled the seats to fit the covers or were they able to put the seat covers without dismantling the seats?
Note that due to privacy laws you will not be shown any information such as an owners name to track them down.
You may be asked for proof of ownership, or to sign an affidavit attesting that you are the owner. In fact under section 4505.19 of the Ohio Revised Code ( as well as a couple other Ohio laws) it is in fact illegal to sell any vehicle without providing the title. The set covers really look premium and look very similar to the leather ones in Titanium + models.
The best you will get is the number of the county of residence where the owner lived when the title was last processed. If you have owned the machine for many years documentation may be hard to find, and you will need to use the affidavit. It is highly recomended that you make the seller of a pre-1999 machine do this process to procure the title. So if you run the search on a machine that has been reported stolen there are no flags on this site to warn you. The site will only tell you if it has a title and the county where the owner of record lived when recorded.

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