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How does it get thousands of its customers riding into Milwaukee each year for its anniversary?
I spent the past couple of weeks researching Harley Davidson; re-creating their story and even following them on Facebook and Twitter. I did all this to get a better feel for what it is about this brand that makes it so darn appealing. So, how does a motorcycle brand -just over 110 years old- manage to achieve world-wide cult status, yet fail at communicating to a new age audience? Harley Davidson have always understood the power of storytelling.  Their ads are like mini stories, pulling you in and leaving you yearning for more.
Harley Davidson managed to become part of US history and heritage; all this through the power of storytelling.

Since then they’ve always been there to publicly congratulate H-D bike winners in major biking events including the prestigious AMA.
The success of their association with the sport also lies in the effective use of storytelling. Harley Davidson teams and riders went on to win hundreds of AMA tournaments and awards and in 2001 boasted 17 year old Jennifer Snyder, the first woman to win a national event in the Formula USA National Dirt Track Series. Content marketing allowed the brand -very early on- to establish a position of authority in the industry.  It future-proofed it against other brands who would later enter the market competing on price. Believe it or not, even the best of brands can sometimes get it completely wrong.  This was the case when they attempted to milk the brand by extending it into every conceivable product category. A Harley Davidson Cake Decoration Kit anyone?  As you can imagine, fans were not happy and they voiced it.

Only then can they hope to attract a new generation of enthusiasts and maintain the brand’s cult status for generations to come. Vehicle Identification Number or VIN is a sequence of 17 characters containing numbers and alphabets. We have an active database that is being updated daily with data from various publicly available sources. This began on July 4th 1905, when a Harley motorcycle won a 15 mile race in Chicago with a time of 19:02.

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