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New design from March 2010 The new look is most evident in the redesigned radiator grille and 3D-shaped headlamps, which have been widened, highlighting the stronger horizontal line of the cars’ faces. The Roomster also receives a number of technological improvements including state-of-the-art engines.
Both diesel units are fitted with high-pressure Common Rail injection, with a pressure of up to 1600 bar combined with fast-responding piezoelectric injectors that are able to perform as many as five injections within one beat, resulting in improved engine refinement. The new model Fabia and Roomster’s have been facelifted and fitted with new technology designed to further reduce fuel consumption and CO2emission levels.
Additional features above SE trim include 15-inch Antares alloy wheels, unique Kristal upholstery, roof rails, climate control, multi-function steering wheel and Media Device Interface (MDI) with connecting cable. Cheap to buy new and used, spacious cabin with three full size seats across the back, comfortable cruiser, aerodynamic shape means 1.6 HDi can do 55mpg. Warranty Direct claims records show the 2000-2010 Citroen Xsara Picasso to be the 3rd most reliable used MPV out of manufacturer warranty. A cheap to buy and spacious people carrier the Xsara Picasso has been one of the most popular people carriers ever made and makes up part of Citroen's wide range of people carriers that includes the far superior C4 Picasso. It's very useful too with plenty of cabin room and three individual full size seats in the back. There is a little bit too much body roll, which isn't pleasant for those on board if you're tackling a long twisting route, while the artificial steering means it's not particularly enjoyable to drive either.
There are better people carriers around, but for sheer value for money, few can match the Citroen Xsara Picasso.
SOMETIMES it's those little extra touches that persuade the motorist to hand over their cash for a particular car. Spanish manufacturer Seat is only too aware of this, and is rather good at dressing up its stable of sporty offerings. You can buy an Ibiza hatchback with 80mpg average fuel economy and very ordinary acceleration. Alternatively, you can plump for a 'hot' Cupra version that will hit 62mph from standstill in under seven seconds.
But if that's a little too hot for your tastes, then the warm-hatch credentials of the FR version might fit the bill. And if you still want to give the impression that your set of wheels is as hot as the next, then the FR Black Edition might be the default choice.
Let me start by saying that, despite the moniker, there was not too much of the black stuff on my test car. The FR Black Edition comes with gloss black door mirrors, black wheels and a black front grille frame, but the body colour was the sexy Emocion red.
This higher-powered engine also comes with the active cylinder technology usually found in more expensive cars. With this version you also gets red brake callipers peering through those 16-inch black alloys, while both versions come with Alcantara-upholstered sports seats and dark tinted rear windows, and both are available as a three or five-door. The seating and the chassis set-up provide for a firm but not uncomfortable ride, and there's enough urgency in the performance to hold your interest as you make your way around urban and country roads. An important factor in the Ibiza's behaviour is its steering, which delivers a good balance of weight, accuracy and assistance. You can attack corners with considerable enthusiasm, with the result that your confidence remains high and you never feel tired, bashed or bruised after a journey. A wide track, good weight distribution and low overall mass regardless of the model are all essential to deliver a composed and engaging driving experience, and the Ibiza does not disappoint. FR and CUPRA versions have ventilated discs all round with larger 288 mm discs at the front.
With its distinctive sharp lines and squat stance, the Ibiza is a classy-looking hatchback that's neither brash nor a plain Jane. Seat knows that the ownership experience is about more than just the driving, which is why the Ibiza Black FR with the 1.4 engine comes with a generous level of standard kit. This includes cruise control, sports suspension, rain-sensing wipers, a multimedia system offering navigation, Bluetooth phone connection, audio streaming, DAB radio and a trip computer. All Ibiza models are equipped with a rolling code immobiliser and remote central locking, while all the doors and rear hatch have deadlocks.
Buyers in the supermini segment are generally looking for the most cost-effective motoring possible - maximum practicality with minimal fuss and low running costs. There's probably too much grey-black plastic on show along the dashboard, and the digital display could do with an update, but other than that there is very little on my wishlist.
Fun, engaging and a good-looker in equal measure, the Ibiza FR Black Edition provides another fine example of Seat's ability to create cars that people will really want to drive.
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While the original Fabia vRS was diesel only, the Octavia vRS was powered by a petrol engine.
The significant change came in 2008 when the 2.0 TDI PD engine was replaced with the newer common rail diesel. The car we drove here comes with the optional six-speed DSG automatic gearbox which works well with the TDI engine, although it isn’t always the smoothest transmission, particularly at lower speeds or when trying tricky manoeuvres. Going for the DSG gearbox does add more than ?1000 to the price of the vRS TDI which starts at ?21,155 for the manual but the economy it offers means this is a hot hatch you can choose with your heart and your head. Dare we say it looks pretty cool?Anyway, Lykan has built Hypersports, it has been showcased at the Yas Marina circuit to customers and now it's the hero car in Fast and Furious 7. Everyone will have an opinion on both the film and the car - we're yet to try either - but what a an incredible publicity boost for the UAE's first sports car manufacturer. The Lykan buying experience sounds appropriately extravagant, with a 24-hour concierge service and a watch from Franck Muller Geneva uniquely for owners.

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OK, it's not V8 noise but it is noise, and lots of itGiven the company’s recent track record of vehicular noise, and the quality thereof, I really shouldn’t have ever doubted them.
Enter 'that' BMWIt’s probably a good deal faster in a straight line too.  With 360hp and 332lb ft pulling 1,555kg it always feels very potent, but the power delivery is something of a surprise.
It's not AMG as we've known it but it is impressiveThe noise is unspectacular when you’re not trying, but it’s never harsh.
Against the flowThe gearbox is an all-new AMG developed seven-speed double clutch unit and, like the motor it has been tested to destruction by machine and engineers. Exit the old-schoolPerhaps the biggest question hanging over the A45 was the potential contamination of any kind of chassis enjoyment by the evil that is called Haldex. It's a grip monster but does give you optionsOn the track it is miles more fun than an RS3.
Even the bling doesn't quite set it apart enoughNo, the lingering impression here is of a car with immense talent and much to offer many people.
It sounds as if by both the numbers and the driving experience this is objectively a very good car. Great effort by MB here.I would take this over any Audi every day of the week including Sundays. Interesting to hear that AMG have managed to take a thoroughly underwhelming recipe and make such a good car out of it. New Varioflex rear seat design which offers an easy method of re-arranging the passenger and carrying space. Features include panoramic sunroof, acoustic rear parking sensors, metallic paint, sunset glass and electric rear windows. This gives both Fabia and Roomster a more dynamic look, while losing none of the cars’ elegance and appeal. This new engine portfolio is at the very core of the changes, with the entire front structure being redesigned to accommodate them. All engines comply with the EU5 standard and deliver exceptionally low fuel consumption and CO2emission levels.
Nowhere is this more apparent than when the new 1.2 TSI 105PS petrol engine is combined with the optimised, two-clutch seven-speed DSG transmission. There's plenty of space for those in the back, even those over six-feet tall, while superbly forgiving suspension and a smooth ride make it ideal for long journeys with children. The interior easily develops squeaks and rattles, the doors close with a empty 'clang' rather than a reassuring 'thud' and it's noisy on the motorway. It alternates between two and four cylinder modes, depending on the power required, in less than 40 milliseconds and helps the FR Black Edition achieve a remarkable average fuel consumption figure of 60mpg.
It is beautifully judged, and matched with an excellent gearbox makes for assured progress in most situations.
At the front, McPherson struts deliver the control and insulation required for high levels of performance, helped by lightweight bearings. The speedometer ought to highlight 30mph rather than 40mph, and there was no hook to hang clothing in the rear. If you have a complaint about the editorial content which relates to inaccuracy or intrusion, then please contact the editor here. It’s happier at speed where the fact it’s a twin clutch gearbox means the shifts are lightning fast, so there’s no drop off in performance. Rearrange to form a well known phrase or saying.' Out of all the responses to the original PH Lykan Hypersport story, that stood out especially. Following F&F, W Motors is planning to expand its distribution network through 2016 with 'boutiques' to sell cars in Miami, Shanghai, Singapore and Dubai. They will add to your record details of our search and your application and this will be seen by other organisations carrying out later searches.
Almost exactly a year ago I watched a heavily disguised A45 AMG fire its way up a Swabian hillside and couldn’t quite believe how loud the exhaust bangs were on each upshift. I would like to say that the A45, driven with the automatic gearbox in manual mode and using all the available engine revs, sounds like a racing car.
Peak torque arrives at 2,250rpm and plateaus until 5,000rpm, but peak power isn’t produced until 6,000rpm. Mechanical refinement is good, but you get the feeling that AMG felt the need to allow a low-level fizz to be transmitted from the engine block to the bodyshell. AMG always seems to be completely out of sync with the rest of the world when it comes to transmissions.
Generally noIt’s a very good effort, not quite the fastest or most incisive ‘box out there, but it is pretty damn good. Yes, the same 4WD system that has blighted VW products with understeer lurks under the skin of this car.
Provoke it harshly and the rear axle will begin to rotate, but it never feels like it’s rear-wheel drive. The new electrically adjustable Recaros are superb, the wheel is standard issue AMG, as is the snazzy gear selector. Let battle commenceSo it’s great fun to drive, indecently fast, sounds good under duress and is laden with standard equipment – but is it really worth ?37,845?
I just wish AMG had been given free rein to add some wider arches and give the car some more, well, stance.
If, after some time, the driver stops the vehicle, engages neutral and releases the clutch pedal, the engine switches off automatically.

It copes on more demanding roads too where the Xsara Picasso feels pretty composed for what is a fairly tall people carrier.
The engine was the trusty 2.0 TDI Pumpe Duse (PD) which was used across the Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Skoda ranges and even made its way into oddball stuff like the Dodge Caliber.
Whereas the PD engine would lag at low revs, giving you no power before suddenly shoving you forward with a big smack of torque, the common rail unit is more linear. Fuel economy suffers slightly if you go for the DSG but it’s just as quick from 0-62mph as the manual version. Credit where credit is due, that's a fair achievement for a manufacturer only established in 2012.
Lykan will make seven Hypersports (after apparently building several for the film) but with the car on show at the Shanghai show at the end of April it would appear they can still be purchased. Several months later I asked the man from AMG whether these would make it into the full production specification, assuming that they would not. But given the increasingly stringent race-track noise limits in the UK I think that the comparison is unfair. On the road this equates to vast, low effort performance for overtaking, but leaves a delicious kick at the top end. Curiously, and much like the best Honda VTEC installations, the A45’s powertrain is smoother and much more musical further up the rev range.
Five years ago when the world was going dotty for dual clutch systems, AMG gave us a seven-speed wet clutch automatic, which was rather impressive. In auto mode it’s utterly painless and uses the torque curve with great efficiency to help return well over 30mpg when you’re tootling along.
It also never feels like, say, a Mitsubishi EVO with its insane turn-in and instant oversteer. They’ve done a good job covering as much of the ordinary A-Class undergarments as possible, although the hard plastics down by the centre armrest are pretty nasty.
The RS3 is trounced by this car in just about every department of driving dynamics, but Audi knows how to sell cars and those wide arches and suggestive ride height are showroom gold. Swerving around the futile used-car vs new-car price comparisons, I know an lot of people who spend decent money on new nice-to-drive cars, and I can't think of any one of them who looks like a target for this, i.e. The car’s efficient fuel consumption results in lower day-to-day running costs and reduced environmental impact.
For those after ultimate exclusivity (and you suspect many hypercar buyers might be), the Hypersport could be perfectly suited. We will check your details with fraud prevention agencies and if you give us false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud we will record this. The way the motor revs beyond 5,000rpm and delivers a decisive extra surge that moves it into a performance category beyond even the RS3 and M135i is unexpected. In fact I suspect its robustness and usability in fast cars probably strongly influenced the brilliant new ZF eight-speed auto ‘box which has quickly established itself as the new benchmark over dual-clutch alternatives in everything from luxo-saloons down to the little M135i.
I found it a bit frustrating that you could override the auto mode with a quick paddle flick, but couldn’t send it back into auto without fiddling with the mode switch by the gearlever. But it’s fun and very effective, helped enormously by electric power steering that is bettered only by the new GT3’s system for weight and sense of connection and a truly brilliant brake pedal.
Then again, to drag an M135i up to a similar spec as the A45 reduces the price difference considerably. From the rear three-quarter the A45 does have some menace to it, but in your rear view mirror it is quite innocuous looking. That said, it’s a bit of a shame that it lacks the aggressive manner of the old engine which was part of its charm.
They may know it as the car that jumps through three of the Etihad Towers before plunging 45 floors to the ground but it's there in the public consciousness.
It’s urgent, free-revving and at those high engine speeds doesn’t feel in any way turbocharged. So, everyone now wakes up to the possibilities of a fully automatic transmission, whereupon Merc gives us a dual-clutcher. The ride is firm, in fact it tippy-toes right on the edge of what is acceptable in town and at low speed, but then it rewards you as you travel faster. Then again, once you’re used to it, the way you can open the driver’s door to trigger the gearbox into Park is a stroke of genius for everyday use. Factor in a decent finance deal (ducks) or people who just want something discreet, effing fast and untouched by another’s bottom and it doesn’t look too pricey to me.
That will endear it to those looking for subtlety, but I suspect they’re in the minority in this marketplace.
Put another way, there's obviously a lot of good components in here, and technically they all work together well, but where's the emotional desirability?
You have a right, on payment of fee, to receive a copy of the information we hold about you if you apply to us in writing.
The quality of the damping shines through, it remains flat but doesn’t get deflected and the payback for the firmness is an agility that must render the A45 one of the faster point-to-pointers on sale. Until you’re accustomed to it, that is – up until this point you might head-butt the steering wheel. Handles much better, is much nicer to drive and has much higher quality ambiance than competitors.
Torque, traction, grip, dimensions, no deflections, no understeer; the A45 is perhaps the perfect road recipe.

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