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This organic red wine vinegar is made from fine table wines and naturally fermented, at around 250 C to retain valuable enzymes and subtle flavouring agents. Directions to use: White wine vinegar can be used in salad dressings, marinades, BBQ sauces and sauteed veggies. Apparently The Rock and Diesel have been butting heads during the production of the film, in part because Diesel is a producer and made decisions that The Rock wasn’t feeling.
As far as the meeting Tuesday, sources say The Rock and Vin had a mid-day Tuesday sit-down on the set mostly because tensions were running so high, it was almost impossible to shoot scenes.

Also it was reported that after The Rock issued his initial statement, the entire cast is now pissed at him for causing a rukus even though filming ends in just a week and a half. The two Hollywood stars had additional scenes to film yesterday and according to sources on set, Diesel went to The Rock’s trailer to confront him about the comments. Both Diesel and Rock finished up their scenes together at around 1AM this morning and Diesel then left for good as his scenes for the 8th installment are done.
The two took their time privately to discuss but TMZ adds that whatever bad blood there is between the two was not resolved.

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