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VIN Check, the the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) is giving the public a free check to see if a used car has been reported as stolen, but not recovered, or has been reported as a salvage vehicle Dioramas from Model Junkyard.. Whether you are a dealer looking to sell your rides, or just someone looking to share your hobby, this is the place for you! Nine months after Hurricane Sandy submerged an estimated 250,000 cars in corrosive saltwater, many of those flooded cars are back on used car lots across the country.
Because flood damage can be easily concealed by unscrupulous car dealers, consumers need to be more meticulous than ever when searching for a used car particularly in New Jersey where a high concentration of Sandy-damaged cars are located.

Run the car’s VIN through CarFax’s free Hurricane Sandy Flood Damage Check or the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s VINCheck. Test all electrical components, including lights (interior and exterior) and window motors.
Remember to use careful judgment and avoid becoming emotionally attached to a car before knowing for sure that it has not been flooded. A musty smell is a giveaway, but a freshly shampooed smell can also be indicative of a cover-up.

No western UNION Ever!!! Legitimate sellers will never ask for a wire transfer unless it is going to their bank. And if you don’t feel comfortable ruling out flood damage yourself, you may want to ask a trusted mechanic to do an evaluation before your purchase.

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