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Chemistry laboratories are potentially dangerous workplace, where researchers, staffs and students are involved with the handling of some potentially toxic, flammable and explosive compounds, abnormal temperature and pressure conditions and research equipment. With proper awareness for safe working practises to associated members working in chemistry laboratories, we can ensure a “Safe and healthy” working environment to all the members associated with the Discipline of Chemistry.
Here we provide some general guidelines to encourage safe working practices in our laboratories.
The Committee meets at least once in a month followed by the inspection of the laboratories. To notify The Crittenden Automotive Library of errors, suggest topics, contribute information, make a comment on a page or to ask a question e-mail us. Car Air Conditioning SpecialistsAs the UK gets hotter the benefits of air-conditioning are gradually being accepted. MOT TestingWe are accredited by VOSA and can MOT class 4(cars, motor home) Class V and Class VII. Car Servicing & RepairWe are an independant garage that can service and maintain new vehicles under warranty and this will not affect manufacturers' warranties given on vehicles. Brake tips from the expertsThe components of hydraulic braking systems are subject to considerable stress and as a result require frequent inspection and routine maintenance. An affordable, high quality garage providing Car Batteries, servicing, air-con refresh and more. We keep a large range of car batteries in stock at all times, covering over 95% of vehicles on the road today. One man was killed and two others injured on Monday night when a vehicle collided with a concrete barrier on the N3 Lions Head Road in Pietermaritzburg.

According to ER24, paramedics and rescue services arrived on scene and found the wrecked light motor vehicle lying in the middle of the road. The cause of the collision is not yet known but local authorities were on scene for further investigations.
We provide you with a free vehicle bill of sale form to help you write your own bill of sale quickly and easily.The bill of sale form is a legal document to legally transfer the title of the vehicle from the buyer to the seller. These guidelines remind us to work in a safer way and are applicable to all users of the laboratory. Now the additional benefits that are not immediately obvious are now being appreciated by those fortunate to have a good aircon system operating in their car. Every vehicle over the age of three years from the date of registration must have a valid MOT every year by law, to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and in safe working order.
Whatever make or model of vehicle you drive, we can service it as per the manufacturer recommendations.
It is recommended to have your brake fluid changed every 2 years regardless of the vehicle age. They come fully charged, with a 3 year guarantee which is a great choice if you want a high quality economical battery.
Use these batteries for cars with additional accessories such as TV's, SatNav's, Electric Cool boxes, DVD Players which all have a draining effect on your car battery. The patient had sustained fatal injuries when he was ejected from the vehicle,” said an ER24 spokesperson. It also helps protect both seller and buyer from future legal issues.The bill of sale for motor vehicle form is very simple to use.

However, with proper precautions and experience, even toxic chemicals can be handled without any accident. The copyright in the literary and artistic works contained in this online news publication and its other related and connected websites, belongs exclusively to Ole!
We provide you with two copies of the forms, one in Microsoft Word document format and another in PDF form. If you have Microsoft Word installed in your computer and you want to customize the form, just download the Word version otherwise, you can download the PDF version.Vehicle bill of sale form’s particularsThe bill of sale form provides essential information about the motor vehicle or used car being sold as well as seller and buyer. The reproduction of any content or material contained in this online news publication is expressly reserved to the publisher, Ole! The advantage of using the Word version is that you have the ability to change the form to suit your needs such as you can insert additional clauses or remove unwanted sections.The PDF version of the form is provided in case you don’t have Microsoft Word to edit the form.
Reliance on the information contained in the online news publications and other related content published on this website is done at your own risk and subject to our "terms and conditions". We provide you with many kinds of bill of sale that help you process private sales of used car, motorcycle, boat, firearm, etc.

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