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If I can't find a replacement then the next best thing would be getting a good quality, high resolution picture from someone and have one made with the VIN # on it, etc.
I just hope you can get all the data off your old decal or someone with a good decal can give you everything but the VIN. At some point in time people need to wake up, remove their cranial intrusion into their own rectal areas, and take responsibility for their own actions.

Called Tommy Conner this morning, emailed him my bill of sale and the plaque is already done! Customs official didn't even come out to check the boat HIN or the trailer VIN when I came across!! I asked the custom officer if he wanted to see the boat and he said just bill of sale with trailer vin and boat vin was ok.

I just imported from the US a Maristar 1995 and the vin plate on the trailer was washed out.

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