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Title search is one of the most important pre-requisite before entering into any sort of transaction with regard to a property. Not only in the event of sale or purchase, but also when any loan or advance is made basis the security of such property, it is incumbent upon the lender to ensure that the title search over such property is clear and free from any defects with regard to the title. A title search will clearly demonstrate as to who is the owner of the property and since when such person is the owner of that property. Sometimes property is titled in the name of a LLC, a trust, or a Corporation as the record owner. There are a number of free resources to determine a very rough estimate of the value of a property. If you see a property for sale, you can whip out your iphone, open the app, and pull up a property profile including interior pictures. The “value” will be the last sale price, but you can usually estimate a ballpark price based on other comparable sales that are close by and recently sold. Next, search through a few of the Nearby Similar Listings, which will have a lot of information about the property.
In the far left column, there should be information about whether the property is a member of a homeowners association, along with a phone number for the HOA. If one or a couple close by properties are members of the same HOA, then there’s a good chance your property is a member as well.

Of course, you could get mistaken information from the HOA and it may turn out the property is not actually a valid member, but at least it will get you started with some preliminary information. John Corcoran has worked in Hollywood, written speeches for President Bill Clinton and lost his job when Arnold Schwarzenegger became the Governator. Title search envisages that you hire a professional to check and ensure that the title of any person to a property is clear and unencumbered. It will also evince as to whom such property will devolve in the event of death of the owner. We will be faxing you the purchase and sale shortly, but if you could go ahead and get started, that would be great. I recommend you purchase a copy of Real Estate Title Search Abstracting – this article provides a general overview, but that book will give you the next steps in doing your own property title search. If you go to the California Secretary of State’s website, you can look up LLCs or Corporations. Realtors tend to hate these resources because they are based on computer algorithms and do not take into account unique attributes of a property which may affect the property’s value. Redfin doesn’t produce an estimated value, but it does provide volumes of information on recent sales in the area and similar properties currently for sale.
You can now call the HOAs and simply ask them if the property in question is a member of their HOA.

Keep in mind that even if the property is one or two streets over, it could be subject to a different HOA so you may need to check out a few listings.
Even though he's lived in California most of his life, he is the world's worst surfer, although he does speak Valley Girl fluently. It encompasses checking the flow of one’s title over the property, as to how and when do one purchase or acquires the property?
In modern times, it is of utmost significance to undertake a proper and thorough title search over a property before entering into any sort of transaction over the property. His day job is working with small business owners and entrepreneurs as a lawyer and business advisor.
Whether the title of such person over the property is property recorded and registered in the relevant records?
It gives a fair idea as to the ownership, rights and title of the owner and the manner in which it can devolve onto another. I’ve believed NextAce is a primary data and service provider for most of title companies in the US.

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