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We are also a short walk from Moorgate and Old Street stations (click a station name to see the route on the map). It seems that in the age of online applications and email that the humble cover letter still gets read.
The desire to start at the bottom and to prove oneself definitely seems to have declined in the last few years. On Monday an American student sent a cover email and application to a Wall Street boss he’d only briefly met.

For many, getting hired is the end of slog, whereas in reality it’s still just the beginning. By continuing to use our website you are accepting our use of cookies as described in our Privacy Policy. Two days later it had done the rounds in the US (hitting the inboxes of some senior business people), and then made its way across the pond and into the national press. That was the great thing about this cover letter – by demonstrating a willingness to fetch coffee or shine shoes, it meant that wherever Ross gets hired (and he almost certainly will), he’s gone half way to proving himself already.

Far too many applicants think that once they’ve jumped through the academic hoops, they deserve to be hired. Fortunately for whoever hires him he clearly won’t see that as the end, merely a starting point.

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