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We also asked a car dealer about this program and guess what: not only does he recommend this one, he also uses it on a daily basis! Why how to find vehicle history history of my car finds how run vin numbers cheap classic car vin numbers search for used cars.
The car was stolen very early on (1967) and the 1st owner recovered the vehicle, but the original 427 block was gone. While in the father's possession, there was a front end collision and some engine work, reportedly a bore. Car seems very original and in good working condition, except a loud tick at front passenger side, near exhaust mani. I'm a MoPar guy, and own a 1966 Dodge Charger, so the rotating headlight issue should be similar to what i went through with that car.
I did take a few pix to help in my research of current motor and to try to verify that it is a real 427 car. I see that the Corvette was born the fifth week of February, that it confirms 1967 Corvette coupe with standard black vinyl interior. Those numbers are in location that partial VIN usually goes, but as a replacement block, I can't decode any of that. As a California car, when an engine swap was performed, it was taken to the DMV so they could verify everything was legit. With my lack of GM experience, it's this tag that led me to believe that it currently has a 327 in it.
The current owner said it was a 350, and was surprised when I showed him the info on that tag. What I'm hoping for is that someone here has the experience to figure out the block stamping to nail down current block CID, and that I can get a few opinions on value in current state. As seen in the front view, it seems to bear out that front end bodywork was performed, as the stinger stripe no longer correctly comes down to a point on the nose. On the back of the block just to the right of the casting number, there should be a casting date. The CE on the block pad indicates that it is a "Chevrolet Engine" service replacement block.

Here's other signs of a big block car although any of these could have been added over the years.
Does it have a copper radiator, sb cars were aluminum; again it might have been replaced with an aluminum one, they're cheaper.
All 396 (1965) batteries were on the Drivers side, That's what chevy had available to meet those needs when Zora wanted to go for it!
In Memory of Mike McVeigh- The "Mad Spring Wacker" He roams the Forums of CT forever in our hearts and minds!
Last week the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) released the story on VIN Cloning to the public.
Anyone with information concerning insurance fraud or vehicle theft can report it anonymously by calling toll-free 800-TEL-NICB (800-835-6422), texting keyword “fraud” to TIP411.
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From what limited research I did, looks like GM used the same casting #'s for different displacement block, so this codes out as a 1967 302, 327 or 350. And as this car was stolen early on, it seems likely they were compelled to do it for the recovery process.
Wonder if that's a typo or there is a 64 block in it, but that would seem to not jive with the block cast number. Over the weekend the story was featured on ABC World News Tonight, Good Morning America and various newspaper outlets.
You have probably seen several websites online which also provide this function but they ask you to pay for them.
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