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Grammarly is the best Plagiarism Checker tool available in the market for students, teachers, and content writers.
Grammarly is student’s best friend which helps them to make their essays flawless and plagiarism-free. This plagiarism scanner can be used online similar to plagiarism checker by Small SEO Tools.
An anti-plagiarism tool that only requires you to post the URL of your article to check for plagiarism. Final VerdictYou can try any of these plagiarism detection tools which are absolutely free but in case if you are looking for a premium service which can make your job lot easier, I highly recommend you to use Grammarly. Just to let you know, you can also use Grammarly for free as a Grammar checker, punctuation checker and online proofreading tool. Scanning for plagiarism is always important since this would mean ruining our reputation as a blogger and even as a freelance writer. Plagiarism is a real problem these days with so many bloggers copying articles frim eatabilished bloggers and competing for the same blogosphere space. I just want to ask, Is there any wordpress plugin which could alert you if your content is being used by someone else ? Plagiarism Checker X is the premier desktop application for the students, teachers, website owners, and publishers who are concerned about quality of their contents. If you have any problem or feel uncomfortable, please feel free to contact us and we are always glad to offer help. Himadri is a passionate blogger who writes for his technology tips & tricks related blog TechnTechie.
Universities from different countries continue to struggle with the theft of abstracts and course from the Internet. Online service Turnitin, used successfully in the Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen (Scotland), contains in its database of more than 800 million Web sites and over 4.5 billion abstracts and course, as well as other sources of information. In the past year, thanks to Turnitin Robert Gordon University has been caught so many students plagiarists that, according to Professor Justin Greenwood (Justin Greenwood), his first thought was to cancel essays and test students exclusively in internal testing. With the proliferation of Internet plagiarism is becoming more of a problem, not only in universities, but even in the schools.
As you know, students are usually copied from online collections of essays whole pages of text. At the same time with the breeding grounds of plagiarism can not do anything, because they do not violate the law. Grammarly is a grammar checker initially and plagiarism checker is just additional option, which they do not pay much attention. Plagscan is another solution, however I don’t use it mostly because of its low scanning speed (comparing to Unplag) and the interface also requires some modifications. Using an online plagiarism checker allows you to save money on expensive programs that take up space on your computer. One of the best features is that as long as you are using the Chrome browser, it works effectively as a plagiarism detector for Google Docs and a personal website while you are adding content. Robust grammar checking allows you to find those pesky mistakes and correct them before turning in your paper. Instructions: Cut & paste your student's paper or homework assignment into the box below, and click the "check" button.
Grammarly’s grammar and plagiarism checker scans your text for plagiarized content and grammatical errors. Free plagiarism checker for avoiding plagiarism, best anti plagiarism detection tool for detecting plagiarism online.

Free Plagiarism Checker available to students and teachers for finding plagiarized content in all types of text. Well, in this article, I’ve shared some of the best plagiarism tools available on the web to find Plagiarism. But I think for checking a small piece of information all those free checkers would be great and of course will save my money. First time I checked my site for duplicate content and even I found duplicate articles in my own site, because I moved all content from blogger blog to WordPress. I find a lot of people using Copyscape which is good but often fail to detect when a few words are tweaked or altered from an original work. Generally i use duplichecker.Great list mukund and thanks for intro to few tools which i had never heard of ! I started ShoutMeLoud as a passion and now it's empowering more than 432,000+ readers globally and helping them to make money with their blog.
The latter can be defined as any actions that involve copying content from another site or source, without citation. It comes with very handy options and features like Grammar checking, punctuation correcting, and proofreading which students can use for writing their midterm essays. If you are a student and have to write midterm essays before your spring vacations begin, this is all what you need.Although, Grammarly's grammar checking and the proofreading features are free to use, but plagiarism detection is a paid option. Unlike Plagium and Plagiarism, it does not check documents or files for plagiarism, only articles on the web. I personally use it for my content writing work and I can assure you its worth the money.Do you know any free plagiarism checker tool that is not mentioned in this article?
He has a passion for helping newcomer bloggers make their blog noticeable and money making. I hardly knew most of this tools except Copyscape which happened to be the last tools on the list.
These are a lot of tools, i only knew about small seo tools , but now i think i can try another. Having copied contents in our blog will really tamper our growth and bring a bad reputation in front Google will may lead to lose ranking.
According to the university newspaper, the new service Turnitin efficiently and accurately calculates the student plagiarists. Robot Turnitin surf on the internet and are added daily to the database of about 40 million new pages, processing files up to 2 MB in different formats, what can not even many specialized search engines. The situation is aggravated by the fact that pupils and students are usually on the order of magnitude of their teachers and professors in the level of computer literacy.
The most brazen generally borrow abstracts entirely by printing only a new page with the output data. The Robert Gordon University system is used as follows: students are asked to pass the essay not only on paper but also in digital form, then the file upload to the server Turnitin. Improve your writing in emails, documents, social media posts, messages, and more. Check your papers, assignments, and documents for plagiarism. Plagiarism Software is an online plagerism checker for checking articles, essays and website content.
I tried almost all of the above mentioned checkers, so please let me express my humble point of view, with all my respect to the author.
Other services mentioned in the article don’t worth your attention, and in general, I would not recommend to use any free plagiarism checkers if you need reliable and trusted reports. Also, by choosing a program that works along with your browser, which opes up a wide possibility for using plagiarizing detectors along with other programs that you use online.

Well, I get frustrated when I see people copying articles from one blog and pasting it over another – especially my articles. This is a multi-feature tool for webmasters to check the originality of the content, check Grammar, Check the spelling of the article. You can paste the content on the homepage and click on Quick search, and within seconds you will have the results with you. I'm a freelance writer on topics related to Website Optimization (SEO), blogger customizations and making money online. To ensure that a work is unique, try entering it in paragraphs or simply divide it into chunks of three or four and check.
I do regular use copyscape for post publishing the content, but the other tools mentioned here could be used for pre publishing as well. Exemptions to plagiarism are generic information or common knowledge that almost every blogger knows.
Trust me, if you are looking for best plagiarism checker tool, investing in this tool is totally worth. Simply copy and paste your content and click “check for plagiarism button.” If phrase or sentences become red, it means that it already exists online which means that you have to paraphrase it. I really don’t know why, but I guess I hate the fact that I thought most of my contents are original and unique. Though it is hard to balance time in between research and blogging, he still manages time to work for his own blog and writes regularly. Teachers can upload their own server performance of their students (1000 archived files in a single download) to get a guarantee that these texts will be used in the future of their fellow students. According to the latest statistics, 38% of students admit to copy other people’s essays on the computer. The program compares the text with examples from its database of more than 25 TB, and for a few seconds computes plagiarist. Moreover, it hurts when I see a better search engine ranking for the copied article than the original one. I'm blogging since 2008 and I'm currently a guest blogger on Shoutmeloud & Blogging With Success. For example, saying that SEO is an important part of blogging without citing anyone is not plagiarism because almost every blogger knows about it.Google does not like plagiarism. If you are not ready to invest in this tool, feel free to use it for free for your Grammar correction needs. I would also like to know which tool you’ll use out of these 4 and why you need a plagiarism detector. This phenomenon is so widespread that many students buy a computer and learn the internet only to steal essays.
Though it could also be accidental and purely unintentional, posting the same content or ideas without crediting is considered as plagiarism and therefore may put you in trouble.Plagiarism Checker SoftwareWith Desktop Plagiarism Checker,  you can avoid such unwanted embarrassments and accusations. The free plagiarism checker allows you to run your research papers on the plagiarism tool to make sure there is no highlighted duplicate content. Creating a System Restore Point first before installing a new software, and being careful about any third-party offers while installing freeware is recommended.

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