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I am real person who took a chance, can testify they were TOP NOTCH, NO BS, Current INFO, Will definitely use again.
I thought this was just another Internet sham, but it is legit and my request was turned around in 1 hour.
Free license plate lookup - snappylookup, Snappylookup provides license plate lookup services. License plate # search - search plate numbers online, Docusearch only offers license plate lookups in how to search license plate numbers online find my license plate search? Free reverse license plate number lookup we'll all oneday need to find someone and chances are license plate number lookup lookup lookup license plate free. Reverse search license plates for free, free license plate database, reverse license plate look up. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. More expensive than most sites YET you get real, current results and for a LOT less than having to hire a Private Investigator.
Employee Background Check Locate Your Search Type Is There a Free License Plate Lookup?
I have no quarrel about the way these people do business, and you get what you pay for and i\'m very happy with results.
Before running off to the many advertised Google listings promising free license plate searches, please read this brief article. It will save you hours of wasted time and, quite probably, money.The Free License Plate Search MythYoua€™ve probably already visited several websites promising unlimited license plate lookups delivered instantly, for a low access fee or database subscription fee. What these websites dona€™t tell you is that they are providing records that have been discarded by state DMVa€™s as obsolete.
There are many unscrupulous websites that will try to offer you a free license plate or VIN search, but those sites do not have access to real up-to-date records because vehicle registration information is not available to the general public, and is never free. Despite what you may have been told or seen advertised, the DMV does not sell current registration records to the public OR to private databases. California DMV records may only be accessed by approved, authorized authorities, like government officials, insurance companies or law enforcement personnel or licensed investigators, like Docusearch. If you order a so-called free license plate lookup online, you are receiving records that are outdated and useless.As licensed private investigators, Docusearch has access to current vehicle owner information in the California State computer.
They lure you in by advertising that the search is free; simply enter the license plate number youa€™re searching.

If you have a valid reason for needing to find the owner of a vehicle, like you need to find a person for a court case, then we can help you.Still not convinced? After some fancy computer animations, their software informs you that your desired information has been found–just pay a one-time, or worse, a continual subscription fee to access it. The problem is, even if they happen to have a record for the license plate number you searched, it wona€™t be for the current owner or current vehicle, since that information is protected.
Our license plate search provides you with accurate, up-to-date information about the owner and vehicle of the license plate or VIN number you provide, including the current registered owners name & address, the vehicle year, make, model, and any available lien holders. Results are typically returned within one business day of your order, sometimes within hours.There are no hidden subscription feesa€”you pay a one-time price per searcha€”and unlike those automated sites, you can contact us directly by phone or email. Other sites try to get you to pay for a subscription fee, often promising a€?unlimited searchesa€?. There is no such thing as unlimited license plate searches of current vehicle owner information. These sites trick people into paying for a subscription, and then customers are sent links to other websites that either require more money or send out those bogus results mentioned above.Is a license plate search available in every state?Unfortunately, not.
I also believe that there should be a site where people may look up certain information like the name of the person, vehicle info and insurance agency insuring the vehicle.
By allowing limited access to the public information that is not revealing of personal information like ssn or postal address. Fortunately a neighbor was able to get the license plate number, and I was able to use your service to find out who the car is registered to, and able to forward that information onto law enforcement, who were unable to locate anyone with the information in their records. States could cut back on vehicular crime by allowing the public to call the info in without involving police out on a wild goose chase for a description of a vehicle. Providing a site for free to get the minimal amount of info on a person could help cut back on vehicular crime and allow more police officers to provide more service where it is needed more. If the DMV doesn’t provide the information at all than your second paragraph makes no sense. Docusearch August 19, 2015The DMV DOES sell current DMV records to licensed private investigators (like us) for permissible purposes. NOLAN WHITE December 20, 2015Is it possible to have more than one vehicle license plate with the same numbers? I received a bill for a toll crossing on the Golden Gate Bridge on a date that I know I was not even there! Docusearch December 21, 2015It is doubtful as California has a unique plate format of a number, three letters followed by three numbers.

Docusearch January 28, 2016The price for each state is located on the search description page. So if the vehicles plates belongs to Law Enforcement will that information be available as well? April 25, 2016So if the plates i want info on come up as law enforcement will that be available to me as well?
Docusearch April 28, 2016Odds are, law enforcement plates will return no records or ownership by the city, county or state.
Docusearch April 28, 2016Autocheck will not return the current registered owner of a vehicle, only a vehicle history.
I appreciate you taking the time and energy to put this information together.I once again find myself personally spending way too much time both reading and commenting. The other interesting thing most web sites did not have a phone number so you couldn't call them. I never write these but felt compelled to do so here knowing how many garbage websites there are claiming to do what Docusearch really does. I was very skeptical about this website after trying a different website for a New York plate # lookup and not getting anything out of it after paying. Kept looking for another site ran into docusearch and after reading a few reviews I felt confident that I was on the right track to find the info that I needed.
Put in my info and paid the $39 and 10-15 minutes later and got the results Make of Vehicle Name of person and address.
This person hit my car while parked in Manhattan and a witness saw the whole thing and wrote the persons plate # down and left me a nice note on my windshield.
Anyway drove to the address and what you know the same make & model and license plate # was parked in the driveway knocked on the door surprised the person that hit me and I was paid for my damages.
Hall I needed to find my son's mom to send paper work for child visitation and she and her family and friends were being extremely difficult. Thanks to a reputable site like Docusearch, I have the information I need to capture photo's and have the cost of my vehicle covered.

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