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Each item on the inspection gets assigned a short code, in this case B1-B53 (see example below). Staff check a woman's vehicle for road-worthiness after she signed up to become an Uber driver at the first of Uber's 'Work On Demand' recruitment events where they hope to sign 12,000 new driver-partners, in South Los Angeles on March 10, 2016.
First, let me make this very clear: I am neither for the taxi industry, nor am I for the ride-sharing companies. Did you know that Uber promotes major garage chains who run their inspections for $34.95, yet an MTO inspection at those same garages is over $100? Uber’s requirement for brake inspection is that brake pads must be at least two millimetres thick (the same as MTO).
Now be honest, if you were a rider then you’d assume that the UberX vehicle you’re about to get into is, at the very least, roadworthy. We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles using Facebook commenting Visit our FAQ page for more information.
We advise our clients about their unsafe vehicle but it’s their decision whether they want to fix it or not (that issue in itself warrants another article).

Toronto’s UberTaxi is held to the municipality’s inspection standards, which are to some extent more stringent than the provincial government’s. One look at Uber’s Vehicle Inspection Form and anyone with knowledge about vehicles can point out the discrepancies. Often, you can even get the Uber inspection done for free at one of their promotional events. But it doesn’t ask technicians to check the rotors, drums, brake shoes, wheel cylinders, calipers, brake lines, master cylinder, etc. As for UberX drivers, I’m guessing they assume Uber’s Vehicle Inspection Form is asking technicians to check if the vehicle is genuinely safe. It is incredibly misleading to both the drivers and riders who represent and use their technology. So far, most of the debate has been about driver and rider safety, following bylaws and getting the right insurance. The concern with Uber is that a paying customer can ride in a potentially unsafe vehicle; that vehicle is being used to directly generate income and, as such, I believe it should be considered commercial in nature.

An UberX vehicle that doesn’t have any functioning brake lights or reverse lights is considered to be road-worthy.
For Uber, if the tires are black, round and the treads are above the wear bar, they’ll pass! If you had a driver who could care less, they would continue to drive for UberX and the rider would be none the wiser. And this isn’t just in Ontario – I’m confident that if I put Uber’s inspection form up to any province’s standards, it’s possible to have the vehicle pass UberX and fail the provincial inspection. If UberX wants to continue providing an opportunity for its drivers to generate profit, then at the very least, the vehicles should undergo a provincial safety inspection or something that will be just as robust, if not more so.

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