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Yamaha launched the DT series in 1968 to launch their attack on the emerging 'off-road' market, producing bikes from 50 up to 400cc.
Finished in the classic 1970's colour of bright orange, this bike would make a very sound investment to any serious '70's bike collector.

Their focus was to persuade riders that they could buy a bike that would perform well on road as well as off road.
Having covered only 21 miles by it's proud owner, he assures us that it rides really very well indeed and is only being sold now to allow another period bike in to his collection. Known as "Enduros" or "Trail" bikes they went on to become extremely popular in the 1970s as many people took up 'green laning' and honing their off road skills without the need to trailer the bikes to and from the countryside.

One of the most popular bikes of this period was the Yamaha DT250, the best selling version of their entire Enduro line up.

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