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The sample letter offer to the junior lien holder is written on the letterhead and it is dated.
Considering the fact that the persons who have the property are going through hard times, as well as the fact that the property is under bad conditions, the writer of the letter urges the bank to accept the offer which is made and any deficiencies be wiped out or waived off. The letter also contains the details of the authorization for the release as well as the hardship letter. The writer of the letter urges the bank to assist so that they can close the deal as soon as possible.
This letter is usually written by an investor who wants to purchase the property in question. This letter serves as our offer of $1,000.00 as payment in full for the above-referenced loan on property located at 123 Address Street, Somewhere, Florida. Due to the extreme hardship Bob and Sally are under as well as the condition of the property, we not only urge you to accept our offer, but we request that you also waive any deficiency judgment in your favor. Also attached, please find my authorization to release, hardship letter, comparable sales in the area, photos, and contractor’s estimate of repairs.
We are trying to close as soon as possible and need your assistance to make this deal work. Upon your review of the attachments, please contact us as soon as possible at the letterhead number to discuss your approval. Vehicles aren't necessarily common finds at storage auctions, but they are found from time to time. First, know that in order to buy a vehicle at auction, it must be known to be free of lien.
In Texas, there are some specific processes the storage facility needs to follow before auctioning off a vehicle.

It's also a good idea to bring your receipt from the auction and a newspaper clipping of the auction's ad, just to be on the safe side. If you want to keep the vehicle, just take these documents to the vehicle registration department. We will be crediting every member's account with a free month and we deeply apologize for the down time. Attached to the letter is also the comparable sales of the area as well as the photos of the premises and the estimate given by the contractor for repairs to be done to the place. Although all of this can be a bit of a hassle, most of the leg-work should already be done for you by the facility owner. If you're not in Texas, you'll need to check the local laws to ensure you obtain the vehicle legally and there are no concerns with obtaining a title. Getting title is really a piece of cake as long as the storage facility does all of the paperwork correctly. However, rest assured that we're doing everything possible to prevent this from happening again. In this letter the loan number is mentioned and the person informs the bank representative that the letter is an offer for a certain sum of money which will serve as the full payment for the loan on the property which is mentioned. Unless you plan to simply scrap the vehicle and sell it for parts, you will need a title for it. If it's still in a lien holder's interests, it cannot be auctioned off with the rest of the contents. If you're concerned, you can check in advance that the owners are aware of this process, but most owners should be. Also be sure to have enough money set aside to cover the costs of titling and registering the vehicle that you win at auction.

If you plan to resell it, ask the facility manager to leave buyers portion of the storage lien affidavit blank. We have some repairs to do on the server, some holes to patch on the site, and a lot of files to restore from backup. It states that due to the foreclosure which is being done that the amount of lien which is of the bank will be wiped out during the sale. The key information are, but not limited to, the model and make of the equipment, description of the as is where is condition, serial number, registration number and other information which allows the buyer to carry out due diligence check such as liens and encumbrances on the equipment.The sales price inclusive of taxes should be stated prominently.
The title is necessary when registering, insuring or re-selling the vehicle, so your hands are tied until you can resolve the matter of a missing title. If there are any components which comes along with the equipment, itemized prices of the components may be necessary. The buyer is required to understand and accept the terms and conditions presented in the equipment bill of sale before signing off the bill of sale. The equipment bill of sale is a binding legal document between the seller and buyer which finalized the transfer of ownership at the stated price.Ample space on the equipment bill of sale is needed for both the buyer and seller to supply complete signatures, dates of signature and companies chops. It protects the seller from any damages or faults of the equipment after the sale.This equipment bill of sale form is available as a Word template.
We provide you with many kinds of bill of sale that help you process private sales of used car, motorcycle, boat, firearm, etc.

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