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North Lincs Tyres fit both Timax and Walker exhaust parts, and even if we dona€™t have your exhaust in stock our suppliers can generally get the part to us within the hour. If you would like advise regarding your exhaust please call 01472 360369 to speak to an advisor. If you believe you have a fault with your exhaust please visit our depot where a trained member of staff will complete a free exhaust check.
There are turbo options as well, with conservative conversions hitting 250bhp and more extreme ones nudging 500bhp. It’s rare that a particular model can seem to be so fault free, but the IS200 is close to it. To begin with, you’re not going to get massive gains from an exhaust and remap, but you may want that extra noise. If you can forgive it for that then there’s a decent RWD car waiting, albeit an overshadowed one in its class thanks to the BMW 3-Series.
Badged as a Toyota and called an Altezza in Japan, they had the option of an AS200 or the RS200.
Search the web and you’ll also find IS200s running turbocharged V8s and Supra engines with even bigger power.

One thing to look for on the 6-speed models, though, is clutch judder – some owners have experienced this and even clutches replaced by warranty haven’t solved the issue. The Sport models had lower suspension, but you might still want coilovers, depending on how hard you plan to drive it. For UK buyers there was no really hot version, the top choices being the IS200 2ltr Sport with 153bhp and a 6-speed gearbox, or the IS300 3ltr with 211bhp and automatic boxes only. The AS200 was pretty much the same as the UK-spec IS200, with around 160bhp from the 2ltr inline 6-cylinder engine, while the RS200 dropped two cylinders, kept the 2ltr capacity and pushed power to 210bhp for the 6-speed manual and 200bhp for the 5-speed automatic. Only a few will go to those lengths, but it’s good to know that you can buy a well built, decent handling, classy looking saloon for not much money and have a world of tuning potential waiting should you so desire. The standard alloys haven’t always suffered salty British winter roads well either, so you may need to factor in a refurb. It may be the engine you’ll want to concentrate on – the 2ltr, 6-cylinder is prime for a supercharger. Both units are straight six engines that are decent enough, but lack the smoothness and variety of size and power that BMW provided.
It was developed by Beams Tuning and some reviewers claim it gave the sort of explosion of power similar to that of a Honda VTEC.

Check for accident damage too, as the RWD car has caught plenty of owners unaware over the years.
There are off-the-shelf turbo kits too and either option would make for a great track or even drift car.
The E-shift auto box used F1-style changes, which is good news if you need an auto, but it’s the well-suited 6-speed that most will go for.
If you like the sound of the 4-cylinder engine from the RS500, crate motors are also available should you fancy a swap and again, these are catered for with turbo kits too. There’s obviously a downside, though, because while UK-spec IS200s can be picked up cheap these days, the RS200s will cost you at least twice as much. Fortunately, even if you don’t find an RS200 and opt for a 2ltr IS200 instead, there are plenty of tuning options to get over the 200bhp mark, even Toyota Team Europe offered a supercharger that could be installed in new cars without voiding the warranty.

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