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It takes education, a whole lot of experience (I’m talking YEARS), and talent to be a really good mechanic.
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Your comparison between Googling a medical problem and diagnostic codes is really accurate! When the check engine light comes on, take the car to a reputable mechanic so he can diagnose the problem. Modern cars are run by efficient computerized systems that constantly monitor the vehicle's performance. If the vehicle's gas cap is loose or missing, the car's computer can register this as a problem with the emissions system. Engines encompass a number of systems that work together to provide excellent performance under normal circumstances. Another event that is often responsible for tripping the check engine light is a vacuum leak. The catalytic converter is part of the emissions system, where it converts the gasses created by combustion in the engine to less harmful exhaust. There are so many possible reasons for the check engine light to come on, so using a reader to retrieve the on-board diagnostic (OBD) codes can be helpful when the problem is not immediately evident. I know that some car parts shops will run the codes on your car computer and tell you why your check engine light is on for free.
I own a Hyundai Accent 2002, Engine 1.6, I?m asking if the timing belt is broken, the Check Engine lightshould go on or not?
Rberger automotive section obd ii, Automotive information this is a informational page only created by rberger october 8th, 2003.
Proscan (laptop based) diagnostic scan tool - dodgetalk, Proscan (laptop based) diagnostic scan tool all other engines tech.
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With OBD Auto Doctor car diagnostic app, you can communicate with your vehicle's On-Board Diagnostic system and turn your Windows phone into a highly capable automotive scanner.
Sensors and parameters are what most of you find the most interesting part of the software.
For now the dashboard is non-customizable but we are looking forward to improve and extend it. Get access to all basic information of the Engine Control Unit including Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Calibration Identifications (CALID), Calibration Verification Numbers (CVN), Engine Serial Number, and ECU name queries. The app supports all OBD2 compatible Electronic Control Units (ECUs) that your car supports.
We've put some introduction material to help you get started with diagnosing your car as easy as possible. After checking out the quick start guides, it should be easy to connect the app with your car!
If you have any questions or concerns left after taking a look of this material, our email support is glad to help you out. VSS – Vehicle speed sensor – and digital ratio adaptor or buffer depending on what year setup you are using.

Get me the numbers off the sticker on the side of the ECM (computer) and I may be able to find the exact schematic for that system. Chevytech Said: VSS – Vehicle speed sensor – and digital ratio adaptor or buffer depending on what year setup you are using. Chevytech Said: Get me the numbers off the sticker on the side of the ECM (computer) and I may be able to find the exact schematic for that system. If you do not have a Vehicle speed signal, the check engine light will come on (if you install one), the system will set a trouble code 24, and it will affect operation. I've had the cluster in and out of the truck and I don't remember the connection the shop manual shows me, though. The problem, of course, is that a Chevy truck speedometer doesn't lend itself very well to the dash I want to use in the car, although it might adapt to a stock '50 cluster. I recently purchased an identical looking in-line VSS sensor from Nevada Speedometer (775-358-7422) for $48.32.
I need to update this because I've been contacted a few times about this and this post is linked in some of my threads. WebMD is like many automotive forums: it attempts to offer a diagnosis more specific to your situation. I’ve tried researching some of the things my car has been doing lately, but the problem is that there are so many different things that could cause it.
When a malfunction is detected, the check engine light (CEL) will come on in the dashboard to let the driver know a problem has been detected. However, driving a car with the light on could mean that you are doing further damage to the engine, depending on the problem. The vast majority of modern cars are powered by an electronic fuel injection (EFI) system, which uses a number of valves and sensors to ensure the correct amount of air and fuel are fed to the piston chambers to create the right combustion mixture. If the spark plugs are worn out or misfiring, they can cause the car to jolt during acceleration.
Even if the light is only on a short time, a code will be stored in the ECU for later retrieval. I had a new battery put in 2010, then had my car shipped and did not get it back for a month.
They are all numbered and dashes and dots will be a number that correlates to the fault the ECU has detected. When I took it from the selling yard, twenty minutes later, the car started losing the acceleration, the empty tank light showed up on the dashbody and then stopped. This is a really valuable service because it gives you some idea of how quickly you need to get your car into the shop.
The light came on for me recently and I know that the breaks are bad so I am hoping that I only have one problem to deal with and not two. Now they want to charge me $800 more to install a new timing chain because they say this might be the problem.
Whether you want to monitor data in real-time or reset "check engine" light, this is the only OBD-II software you need! You can monitor all the sensor values that your car reports in real-time, including fuel consumption.
In addition to Engine Control Module, this typically includes transmission control unit for cars with automatic transmission, or fuel pump for example.

Having problems with your vehicle solved and fixed is a valuable service that saves you a lot of headache. I would much rather pay for professional auto diagnostic than try to guess at what is going wrong with my car. Vehicles are such complex machines and extensive training and expertise really goes a long way in determining the cause of a problem! I can fix simple problems myself or I can know what happened to my car before I bring it to a mechanic. The mass flow sensor and oxygen (O2) sensors are key parts of this system, and a malfunction in either can cause the light to come on. A visual inspection can help, but in some cases a vacuum leak can be very difficult to locate. If other parts, like the O2 sensors or spark plugs, malfunction and are not replaced, they can damage the catalytic converter, however. In most cars, it is easy for a mechanic or even the car's owner to attach the code reader to the appropriate port and get this information.
Proper equipment, experience, and training are required to consistently and accurately diagnose the cause of vehicle problems. You would replace parts until the problem was solved, wasting money on unneeded parts and stressing a lot along the way. If the cap is loose, the check engine light should go off a day or two after it's tightened. Problems in the EFI can affect other systems, including the catalytic converter, so it's important to fix them right away.
Both the spark plugs and the wires are relatively easy to replace, and can improve the car's performance. Some repair shops offer a smoke test, in which the air intake system and hoses are filled with smoke, and then closely monitored to see where it escapes.
I remained there for some minutes but when I cranked the engine again, it accelerated but after ten minutes, it stopped again. I looked in my manual book for 2001 holden barina car to see what the light was all about and it read engine light. These people have invested their time and money into becoming experts so that you don’t have to!
When you research possible causes for this code for your specific vehicle, let’s say a 2001 Honda Civic EX, you uncover that possible causes could be a faulty MAP sensor, O2 sensor, vacuum leak, etc. Replacing a cap is also very inexpensive; some auto repair shops may even supply a new one for free.
Vacuum leaks that can trip the light include a sticky exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve, or more seriously, a blown head gasket.
It is a service that is worth the cost because you’re working with an expert, which really does save you time and money. Should I be driving my car it is driving the same as always -- smooth with out any problems.

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