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Northern Norway (Nord-Norge) is Europe's northernmost region which borders on the Arctic Circle.
Norwegian is the official language of Norway and it is the most commonly spoken language in Northern Norway. E6 is the main route to Northern Norway when driving from the southern parts of the country (Oslo, Trondheim).
There is no bus connection between Northern and Southern Norway, except for a few local routes in the border area. The Hurtigruten (Coastal Express) [15] sails along the coast of Norway, from Bergen in the south to Kirkenes close to the russian border. Text is available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0, images are available under various licenses, see each image for details.
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There is usually two trains per day, one leaves in the morning and the other leaves in the late evening.
Hurtigruten follows the entire coast and calls at all major ports, except Mosjoen, Mo i Rana, Narvik and Alta (which are all situated in the innermost parts of long fjords. If you go to the north for hunting Auroras, you better stay outside or urban centers, and prolong your trip as much as possible.
It is part of the Five Cities Metropolitan Area which also includes Shell Beach (within the northern part of the Pismo Beach city limits), and Grover Beach, Oceano and Arroyo Grande, all to the south and south-east of Pismo Beach. It departs Pismo Beach on the hour every hour from 10AM to 3PM, running later in the summer.
They offer beach bike rentals, surf board rentals, and atv rentals for the Pismo Beach dunes.
A grove of trees just south of Pismo is a seasonal stop for migrating butterflies that sometimes number over 100,000 (25,000 in recent years).
Wildly famous clam chowder dive, with more awards to their name than Donald Trump has buildings. Features include heated pool and spa, banquet facilities and a conference room for meetings, the Spyglass Restaurant, a heated ocean view deck, free parking, and complimentary high-speed wireless Internet. The coast is protected by islands in most areas (except east of North Cape), and until modern technology helped build good roads, travel by sea was always more practical than across the rugged land. Operated by Skelleftebuss between Skelleftea-Jackvik and Nordlandsbuss between Jackvik-Bodo.
The train stops at Mosjoen, Mo i Rana and Fauske (and other smaller places) before it reaches its end destination Bodo just above the arctic circle. Each port is visited twice a day, once by the southbound boat, and once by the northbound boat.

Fishing, hunting and picking eggs are some of the included activities, along with amazing views of the midnight sun in the summer, and the northern lights in the winter!
Has comfortably appointed rooms and a very attentive service team who will look out for your comfort and relaxation. Russian is a common language in Kirkenes due to immigration, but it is not an official language.
Travel by own car is the most practical, as there are road connection to virtually every small village. Fishing in combination with small scale agriculturee as far north as Troms was for centuries the dominant way of life.
The distance from Trondheim to Mo i Rana is appr 450 kilometers, to Narvik 920 kilometers and to Tromso is appr 1,160 kilometers.
Nature, however, is still dominant in most areas outside the towns, although you might notice small farms along the fjords and on the coastal lowlands. There are also flights connecting towns (the towns of Finnmark is connected to Tromso Airport), but this is expensive - often more expensive than a the longer flight from Oslo Airport to Tromso, Bodo, Evenes or Alta. With the completion of the new road December 2007, there are scheduled bus routes connecting Narvik and Lofoten.

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