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Car Mechanic Simulator 2014Have you ever wondered what’s it like to own a mechanic workshop? I remembered our conversation and started searching for the answer to why Russians are seldom found smiling. All articles on Proper Russian blog by Eugenia Vlasova are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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A few months later I found a very solid and thorough explanation in the article A Smile in Russian Communicative Behavior by Dr. When visiting somebody, who is experiencing hard times or deep sorrow from a loss, Russians don't smile.
For example, if I walk down the street and notice that people start smiling when looking at me, I'd think that there is something wrong with my appearance, then stop and check whether everything is fine with my clothes. You feel really great and you wear a big smile, so everybody understands you have something really good happening in your life. I said, "Why should they?” My friend raised his eyebrow in astonishment and changed the subject. You wouldn't see many smiling faces in business meetings, because business is serious, and by smiling, you show that you either don't take it seriously or you distrust your partners' words.

If you smile, you show that you don't respect the person, you don't care about his or her feelings, and that you find the situation funny.
Russian shop assistants are trained to smile, because smiling while serving people is unnatural for Russians. When you see people smiling at you in the USA or Germany, it doesn't mean anything other than an overall neutral attitude toward you.
By contrast, in Russia, no smile is a sign of a neutral politeness, and a smile is always informative. When Russians visit Europe or North America for the first time, they enjoy looking at smiling faces, because they (we, Russians) take it personally. After a few days, Russian tourists learn that a smile here actually means nothing and start blaming locals for insincere smiles. You think they love you, but in fact, they love your money”, my friend complained to me bitterly. Every time I cross the Russian border, I remind myself to smile in order not to have that gloomy Russian look.

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