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The new Ford Mustang lives up to the hype, just please give us a bit more V8 grunt.Four-cylinder or V8?From the outside you can barely pick the difference. If you can feel the difference you're better than me".No burnouts hereIn the US, the Mustang has a "burnout" mode which disables the rear brakes while leaving the front brakes active.
But our homegrown Falcon XR8 and Falcon XR6 Turbo sedans are quicker.The turbo four-cylinder Mustang is the dark horse (pun intended).
Although 90 per cent of orders are for the V8, the four-cylinder is in many ways the smarter choice.Mustang fans have just coughed up whatever they're eating at such an outrageous comment, but trust me.

Massive race-bred, six-piston Brembo brakes give the big coupe the reflexes of a startled cat.Many car makers customarily overlook brakes when it comes to performance, but power is nothing without control. I'm just relieved Ford Australia's product planners appreciated them too, because they're optional in the US. The Mustang would be a lesser car without them.The manual gearshift is not going to be mistaken for a Toyota Corolla's, but it's slick and smooth enough given the hardware underneath.So, what's not to like? Sounds like you've broken it but feels broken to begin with; it doesn't do anything.Would these minor annoyances stop anyone from buying one?

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