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Those who jumped on the S550 Mustang Shelby GT350 early by grabbing a 2016MY vehicle have been worried about this piece of news ever since February, when the bins were spilled on Ford upping the ante for the 2017 model year.
Well, the time has come for things to become official, with Ford Performance now introducing the changes for the 2017 Mustang Shelby GT350.
The Blue Oval is inviting track-savvy Mustang aficionados to feast their eyes on Lightning Blue, Grabber Blue and Ruby Red Metallic. On the go-fast front, we could say the GT350 partially closes the gap to the GT350R for 2017, as the Track package now comes as standard.
And perhaps to make the Shelby easier to spot, Ford has also made the raised rear decklid spoiler a standard feature.
Just as important is the fact that, for the 2016 model, buyers had to choose between the mutually exclusive Track and Technology packages. If you want to go all in when it comes to convenience features, the new Electronics package is the one for you. We'll end by quoting Dave Pericak, the man helming Ford Performance, explaining the origin of the changes. The tall new profile means there’s good headroom for all passengers, while rear passengers get just about enough legroom to be comfortable without having their knees touch the padded front seatbacks. The Indian-built Ford Figo is not ground-breaking in terms of packaging, nor is it the most well-trimmed or as full of tech as some pricier rivals.
The previous model looked much nicer, this one though looks so childish to me, how much this car cost ?

We'll let our inner child take over for a brief moment here and start with the three new colors. This means every GT350 pony will come with Magneride dampers, an aluminum strut tower brace, as well as coolers for the tranny and rear diff. However, if you were into Deep Impact Blue or Competition Orange, you'll no longer be able to get your paint department kicks. This is no longer an issue - not only has the first become standard, but the second has been replaced by the Convenience package. For instance, this sees the Sync 3 infotainment system being gifted with SiriusXM and voice-controlled navigation, but it deletes some of the speakers and gets rid of the leather seats. Being a top-spec model, it even came with power mirrors, keyless entry with a flip-style key, trip computer, Bluetooth and a cover for the dash-top cubby that doubles as a smartphone holder so you can position your phone as a nav screen! In fact, that gearbox is so good that it always chose the right gear, making the most of the limited power, and making the car feel reasonably quick on city streets.
The pedals are too responsive at very low speeds, so you end up lurching ahead or jerking to a stop when crawling in traffic.
Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury does a better research of the car before he is posting any comments. While still featuring goodies such as power-adjustable, heated and cooled leather seats, this ups the ante on the speakers front and can obviously be ordered without affecting the performance bits mentioned above. There’s nothing too fancy though, but then again, this top version costs only as much as a base Toyota Yaris.

Also, the steering offers some feedback, but it also feels a bit spongy on-centre, so combined with the tall seating, you won’t feel particularly inclined to attack corners hard, even while the chassis can manage much more. Other features include 14-inch alloys, power windows, cloth upholstery and halogen headlights as well as both front and rear fog lamps. Even the structure is strong, with no odd noises when going over sharp speed bumps quickly. Our reluctance may have been so obvious that even the Ford spokesperson who delivered the car to us may have noticed. Safety features include standard ABS, ESP, height-adjustable driver’s seat, four proper seat-belts as well as a rear middle-passenger lap belt, and only two airbags that we could see, although 6 airbags is apparently available.
When we sat in the car, the first things that hit us were the hard plastics and the cheap headliner, but these are standard for this segment. But then we started up the car and went for a round later that day, coming back with a completely changed perception about the little Figo.

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