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Wine and shot glass adapted with handleBeautiful wine and shot glasses appropriate for persons with impaired hand function. DescriptionThese beautiful glasses with special handle are available in two sizes and were custom-made for the user. The glasses, which were originally designed without a handle, are on sale in the glassworks shop at Skansen.

The custom glasses with special handle (a ring made of glass) can be ordered from the manufacturer. It is possible to work with Karin Hammar from the Skansen Glassworks to design and order other glass items such as beer glasses or pitchers.
Their VIN's for the early 1960's are clearly in error as they repeat some of the same numbers from the late 1950's.

The specific changes represented by these terms are unknown.After mid-1963, the format of the records changes, showing the months vertically for a given model, as seen below.

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