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The exact process for registering your kit car seems to vary depending upon which local Vehicle Registration Office (VRO) you go to.
To qualify for a current registration, the vehicle must have been built using all new components, with one exception, the engine. To qualify for an age related registration, the vehicle must have been built using a combination of new components and components from a single donor vehicle. When building a Tiger Cat, it is possible to get an age related registration without much difficulty providing the forms are filled in correctly. Alternatively, you can register the replacement engine on the donor vehicles V5 certificate. If your built vehicle doesn't fit into either of the above categories, it will be assigned a 'Q' registration. In the past, this was been snubbed as being a 'bad thing' and was taken to indicate some sort of inferior quality.
Essentially there are three parts to the registration process - an inspection of the vehicle, the Single Vehicle Approval test and the registration paperwork. The process at the VRO should take around 30 minutes, at the end of which, you should leave a bit lighter in the pocket with a valid tax disc and a huge grin as you can now get some number plates and legally drive the car on the road.

But is says that the vin should be 17digits and if so it does not match the number i find on my car. The thing I am curious about is really what it means that the car says lA¶ver Benz, is it not an original MB?
A plate Seach gives me this information: And the chassienr listed under is the only number i can find in the engineroom. Hmm ok, when I get to the car I wil look for the VIN but no I did not find anything the first time i looked. The VIN or Chassis Number should be stamped onto a plate just above the radiator as you open the bonnet.
Here in Pennsylvania a car that has had the title surrendered to the state and deemed a salvage unit has a dead VIN. The vehicle identification number (VIN), since model year 1981, is a series of 17 letters and numbers. However, this type of cancer I appreciate not avoid stress, and sunning, and download the training "fill" the body. Registration Mark: If you have an already purchased registration number on a V750 retention certificate, enter the number here, otherwise leave this box blank.

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