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This 1940 GMC 1 ? ton had been retired along with its original owner, a farmer near Grand Rapids, Michigan for many, many years.
A second owner purchased the truck about 1993, however, he never did any further restoration.
He already owned a 1951 Chevy fire truck and a 1951 Chevy 2 ton short wheel base dump truck (he still uses it for occasional gravel and dirt hauling) so he was very aware of what was ahead of him.
Mike did the final steps of the restoration, taking three years of evenings and weekends to complete. After the first year of driving it on lesser traveled roads, Mike finally made one hidden change.
One of the items that really stands out on this 1940 flat bed at all shows is the original GMC bed. Mike Reese and his 1940 are often seen at Pennsylvania weekend truck shows; however his furthest was the American Truck Historical Society 2011 annual convention in South Bend, Indiana.

Trans., Tilt, Custom tack, Custom CD with over head speaker system, lifted, Custom wheels and Tires, Winch with remote, Chrome roll bar with lights. However, he needed a lighter weight less massive older GM truck for driving to more distant truck shows and being more a part of the fun.
Total cleaning, painting the original Pimpernel Scarlet, all new rubber, correct interior, many mechanicals restored, etc. He replaced the original 228 cubic inch six cylinder with a completely rebuilt 1956 270 engine. The two tall curved front panels (like a half barrel) are a true example of a truck that was ordered with the correct GM bed. If it was not for the sentimental value to family members, years later, it would have been sent to the crusher. Finally, it became just like the Michigan farmer saw it when he bought the truck from the GMC dealership in 1940.

A younger family member aware the truck was hidden in a barn began to consider updating it and making it roadworthy. The big plus was a pair of New Old Stock front fenders and running boards stored on the bed. He still keeps it about 60mph as the truck is still held back due to the original 4.56 ratio differential. He has not been able to find a higher ratio ring and pinion without making a major change that requires different wheels and he refuses to have a different design wheel on the front and rear. Installing the new front fenders, finding a chrome grille and bumper surely added to the expense.

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